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India Against Corruption
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 Ref./ Justice/KKRKSTRUST/HM/0912.                                        .


People of India and Every human being

World wide

SUB: Illegal Assets /corruption/ power struggle in INDIA AND AP is Terrorism, Destabilization of Indian economy and People, Families, companies’ Indian defense break up and India security Problem .Truth and justice needed to create new India by arresting top people who are holding power and money power.

Dear brothers and sisters of nation.

It as appeal for you to think how ordinary Indians like us got affected by misrule in AP by political establishment in India. I am writing this letter thinking that at least 50%  of people who are living in this world  are proud of  human beings ,  global citizens and god’s gifted human beings who cares about values, justice and truth.  My both old parents were assassinated in their farm for land in 2008. This is done by old regime , supporters  now who are facing CBI inquiry. As part of this carnage One IAS , One IPS officer , Their  benami  and political supporters are also involved. Now they are holding top positions in Present AP government at chief secretary level and DIG level. By having key posts , money power , mafia power links with present CBI accused persons they are suppressing all things.

Every Indian and every political ministry member, Judiciary system knows who is doing wrong things Etc. when they are in power they are dictating everything even god. After burning fingers, effected then only the people, power, Defense establishment are awaking . Then Invisitgation agencies and Judiciary and some good people are coming into  work.

My grand fathers are involved in freedom movements, so many development activities in  all most Dist in Andhra Pradesh , India. My father is very well known member in our place and government.  He is one of the most and best honest officer, He retired as S.E. Due to his honesty corrupt establishment didn’t allowed him become Chief engineer.  The people who are responsible for this are MP;s MLA’s , partners in  the  criminal political system who are involved in this Genocide.

Gandhiji and freedom fighters went to jail for independence and sold their assets for freedom movement. now Criminal and corrupt political establishment, officials from Indian police service and Indian administration service are acting against society and people for power and money. They are becoming present East India Company. This will destabilize India with terrorism and law and order problem.

I am Indian and fellow human being I must also treated equally just like political heads, Rich business mans, sports people, Film people etc. Under Indian constitution we have equal rights and right to get services , right to express etc.

What is happening in India – New Delhi- Defense scandals, Oil and Gas , Common Wealth etc , Maharashtra – land Scams, terrorist attacks etc,,Uttar pradesh – Land , Criminalization etc,   South India tamil nadu –2g  scandals . Karnataka – mining scandals , AP – criminalization of overall state , failure of state no power , no growth ,  no law and order – scams  . Killings, tainted ministers, no operations will effect over all  India stability.

Why  separate  state and region movements are coming all over India. It is for power. Divide and rule the people and make money through corruption and become PM.CM, Minister, MLA or Rich multi-millionaires .


If corrupted people are given power every human being and official will become members of corruption mafia and law and order will fail. During last regime every district in AP became factionalism place . It became as rouge state know. Due to law and order problems and other issues the present leader ship may already effected with various factions who are looking power. There is no discipline.Keeping above issues in mind I requesting PEOPLE OF THE NATION TO BRING NEW MOVEMENT AND STOP CORRUPTION OR QUIT CORRUPTION. IT WILL LEAD TO GROWTH OF EVERY BODY AND INDIA WILL PROSPER.



Why I am sharing this with you THE PEOPLE OF NATION, that for everything we are taking support of judiciary . In one way it is remanding that our system and responsibilities of the various government agencies are getting failed.  Government is for the people, by the people, we the people. As system is getting failed every part and every place people like us are thinking different way,. IT may even look for change.

Recent  REVOLUTION examples all over the world , In India ant corruption movements etc. If you act it will become history and role model for all future generations.

The Death of Madam Indira Gandhi , Rajiv Gandhi and honest people reminds me every day. What we require for Strong India at this hour , minute  New Lal Bhaudur Sastry . Indira Gandhi , jayaprakash naryans  etc. In United nations Pakistan raised issue on Jammu and Kashmir and Chinese dual role in our surrounding countries is wake up call for all us. This is due to weak nation,

I look forward for your comments and actions you will take which will change India.  Your feedback what you want share to save India and South India is highly regarded,

Yours truly

An Ordinary Indian, honest human being and one of the 1st   Asian internet Evangelist )


 As part of our investigation on parents killings, all these years we came to know following facts – how different sectors where used to destabilize Indian economy and Indian Defense by mafia and foreign states who are planning to break Our Great  Indian Democracy.  This is due to CORRUPTION ALL OVER INDIA  In every establishment, society and people.

It is almost 3.8 years passed from the day of my old Parents KANUMURI KRISHNAM RAJU GARU RETIRED R & D S.E, KANUMURI SAROGINI GARU MURDERS. My parents were killed brutally in their farm house in Theta Gunta , Near Annavarm E.G.DIST Andhra Pradesh India. This carnage was happened on 29/10/2008 night. We came to know about this on 30/10/2008 morning.  In this regard FIR 156/2008 was filed in IPC of  Tuni Rural Police. PRC number 1197/2011 came in 2011.This was executed by Nagi Reddy (who is Super indent of police AP during that time)  and his gang members  through local leader and benami Ch,Krishnam Raju and others to grab our lands. Which in turned linked to political establishments , leaders from Kakinda , E.Godavari Dists, AP, India.

They produced wrong culprits and one of them was killed to suppress case. This is done to grab our parent’s farm and land . As his co – brother in law is Chief Secretary of the sate and having close links with local political establishment and then CM and his son Jagan Reddy they are able to suppress all things.

Land Grabbing and illegal compensation payments and allocation of lands case studies and facts for Investigation – Scam / corruption: thousands of corers.

1)   Land next to our parents land belongs to nagi reddy /Jowhar Reddy (IAS) and his gang members. They were on the names of  Surynarayana Raju and his driver. Like this there are so many lands in E.G. Dist and all over Andhra pradesh. These where managed by Ch. Krishnam Raju ( BJP Krishnam Raju ) and his associates in E.G.Dist all over Andhra Pradesh. My parents were killed as my father refused to give land. In order suppress case they used the doctrine of mafia chain link plans that OUR family members killed our parents. In the process our family displaced, DESTABLISED and our family member’s life came into threat.  From the day my parents assassinated we are living with fear and threat on our lives. To cover up issue they produced some wrong people where in A1 and A2 part of the operation and rest all innocents. They eliminated A7 to cover up real facts.

2)     The corrupt political establishment and mafia run by son and his supporters used  IAS , IPS corrupt officers , relatives who are close to them Revenue department , Police department and Mafia to grab all lands and companies all over Andhra Pradesh and India. For example corrupt officers who are close to YSR AND JAGAN Coterie are still active.

3)    Like these cases there are so many cases all over AP.  As part of strategy they also used false SC – ST atrocity cases to grab lands. AP got maximum cases.

4)   Defense land encroachments and corruption in cantonment boards in AP and other states.

5)   Re – alignment of land for execution of jala –  yagnam – (Canals where build with out main project etc ) project from Rajmandury to vizag reach. As part of compensation payments , a number of banami names where created as owners of waste hills and they were compensated with crores of rupees. The revenue department and then E.G.Dist collector Jowhar reddy was involved. They executed this plan through Krishnam raju and others.  Jowhar reddy  (IAS )secretary level in AP CM’s office and nagi reddy (IPS) are co – brothers.

6)    Election commission of India transferred nagi reddy for his illegal activities. Than one of the most honest police officer DGP of AP MR, mohanthy acted properly by transferring him. The moment Mr YSR elected in his press conference paid media raised this issue of transfer / suspension, he immediately gave postings in media press conference.

Oil Mafia Cases: – Corers of rupees. – Oil theft case – 2008 – 2010 – EAST GODAVRI DIST

ACP Ranganath investigation was suppressed. Lakhs of liters piped and oil tankers were robbed. HPCL pipe lines where tapped for oil. This shows how oil mafia was working. The same oil mafia was involved In killing on Gas Agency owner in peddapuram.  Both wife and husband where attacked. Husband died in spot as part of saving his wife. Wife saved attack. After three days recovery when she explained about attackers the same Killer Cop Nagi reddy abused her to suppress case. They followed same strategy stating that wife was involved and their characters where bad. As part this game this old Brahmin lady lost her husband, Rs 1 crore and family was destabilized. Kakinada SEZ land issue is key to ACP Ranganath transfer etc.  Refer investigation report. It was closed by intervention of key corrupt political people /ministers/ Police heads during that period.

Present cases what CBI is investigating and CBI – Investigation  is Real Truth. This shows how justice and Truth was suppressed.

Kidnapping, Settlements, Bashing: 

Former DGP Mr. MSRAJU Grandson’s kidnapping case in Kakinada and all top kidnapping cases. Bashing of Satayam Ramalinga Raju, Son’s issue etc., NFCL Chairman KSRaju issue, Present  Vanpic Nemmagadda Prasad issues etc.

They used every mandal police stations, Revenue offices in creating problems and used police and land grabbers, killers, factionalism people from other districts kadapa , pulivenduala etc. The deals are from RS 2 Lakhs to crores of rupees. Without daily deals they never used to live. The money collected by members, teams, shareholders, political members are getting used in AP elections by jagan party.  One way it is a company with network all over AP , India and World like ALKIDA or TALIBAN.

People who are effected by above areas are scarred to come out to tell their sufferings and TRUTH. IF CBI, INDIAN JUDICIAL SYSTEM, CIVIL SOCIETY supports them they will come out.  What happened in AP during Y.S. Raja shekar reddy and son’s influence in society last 7 years is GENOCIDE Like “ REWANDA ”, AFRICA. Around 10,000 to 15, 000 families where effected or killed. Thousands of crores where taken from sufferers in various means. ( collapse of Satyam is in one case Study).

Smuggling of iron ores , resources , Forest produce etc ;

In  E.G.DIst they  illegally robbed herbal roots from Forests and they are illegally smuggled. This was operated from Thetagunta village, Tuni mandal near annavaram, they used to lure local people, tribal, dobi’s etc to collect roots. In this business the people involved Ch, Krishnam Raju  ( benami , broker of nagi reddy ). Pulapalli rambabu ( rama raju ) , srinu etc. The local police, forest officials and mafia was also involved. They used Rambabu and lured him into business. As part of settlement Krishnam raju used one Nellore base mafia and robbed Rs. 1 crore from Rama babu and other people. Departments involved – police, Revenue, Forest and check post officials. Other case studies CBI cases, Iron ore mafia.

LATEST ISSUE OF E, G.DIST, AP superintendent of police and  ASP NAVIN  marjunia or ganja Smuggling  CASE.  IF YOU INVESTIGATE THE REAL CULPRITS WILL COME OUT. THIS IS ALSO LINKED TO NAGI REDDY GANG. IMMEDIATELY AP HOME MINISTER CAME INTO ACTION TO SUPPRESS THE REAL TRUTH. Because some local leaders and close contacts where involved in this case. Durgs supply in Hyderabad and local political establishment In Hyderabad, Old city , in the name of minority religion politics etc.

Fake currencies: Lots of fake currencies where caught in E.G,Dist , W.G.Dist , Krishna etc. Anaparthi in E.G.dist. Killings in these areas and cases involving in fake currencies cases are real case studies. In W,G.Dist one Engineering Lecturer from bhimavarm was killed which is linked to local political leaders and gang . The biggest base of fake notes is from East Godavari Dist. These fake notes printing is linked to ISI sleeper sells which work all over  India with bases in Hyderabad old City area. The Recent spurt of Hate lectures by corrupt political leaders and links with Jagan paty and other political establishment who are ruling and acting as opposition parties.

Commodities:  Recent spurt in gold and silver. Most of the corruption money is getting routed through Gold . Recent take overs and mergers of gold jewelry shops in South India and north India. Cash against gold schemes are also part of routing money.

IRON ORE : Most of IRON ORE Was shipped to china and other rouge countries. It is one form of destabilization of  nation by killing self-reliance of nation. Depending on other nations is nothing but is slavery of nation. East India company case and British rule is case study. No we are facing political east India company with in the nation by corruption. Most of these Iron ore was shipped to China from there it routed to other places. The settlements where made in Dubai , Africa  which was again re – routed money to India and other places in to form of Gold , Drugs, Cross country investments , TRUST funds , Religious Donations etc.  These acts made Indian economy to collapse and also done against  Nation Security and Interests   IT IS WAR AGAINST STATE , WHICH IS NOTING BUT ENEMIES WITH IN THE STATE  WHO ARE TERRORISTS AND KILLERS OF THE PEOPLE OF INDIA AND SOVEREIGNTY OF STATE.

Drugs / Threatening of film stars / woman – Recent drug cases in Hyderabad, Suri / banu / managala suri cases. Sex scandals using media, police, mafia etc. These are few cases studies which will help to prosecute Criminal IPS, IAS officers who are destroying society and causing problems to honest, good IPS , IAS officers and making them to become corrupt as part of the process. The present CBI / CB- CID cases all over India is eye opening for all of us in society.

Cyber-crime: Chain link schemes and one line money earning linking to marketing of products – auyerveda , health products etc. As part of this forest produce was illegally getting marketed .

The recent sms , MMS , Morphing photos by ISI and Islamic fundamentals with in India is destabilization of nation,

15 years back during early stages of internet I wrote a paper to build Indian Internet to serve nation and safe guard our Digital , Telecommunications, Technology , WEB infrastructure . Just like we save our mother lands, States or Lands we must safe guard our Digital Lands and every Indian who are liked to world through  digital gadgets , Web and Net.

Indian Defense corruption Scandals: Recent Defense scandals and use of mafia, Woman money , Political brokers ,Former army chief issue , Kargil war blunders , kandhar hijack . Mumbia blasts etc are all linked to local security agencies failure, corruption like police, CB CID, Intelligence departments, political uncertainty and criminalization of politics. The  Chinese donations to officials etc.

What we need at this / every hour minute, second HONEST / PROUD INDIANS AND TRUE HUMAN BEINGS TO CREATE NEW INDIA.


Law bounding agencies, judicial systems, armed forces, and society must unite jointly and act seriously to bring peace  and stability in this country.  This will make us great country, If we won’t act we also face one more invasion form rouge states in various means or we will destabilize like USSR and become unstable like countries  Egypt, Iraq, Syria . Afghanistan etc.

I am hoping this true story will create New India and New Thinking of Indians all over the world and world human beings who love  India.

What is happened in AP is power struggle. It is fight between three communities to hold power – reddy’s, kamma’s and velama’s etc.  History told us about these power politics = Punjab – operation blue star – akali dal , birendranwala. In the process we lost greatest leader Madam Indira Gandhi.  Srilanka war – prabakarn = Tamil and global politics – we lost Greatest visionary Rajiv Gandhi. Now in AP/INDIA – jagan and ysr rule  who lost life’s  – thousand families like my parents , Deaths during telengana movement etc and Iron ore smuggling – 10 Million people displacement – International human rights watch report and CBI inquires allegations in press  , Collapse of Indian economy, congress party , Sonia Gandhi and Indian PM’s Reputation globally , Rahul Gandhi PM’s post , Yedurappa post in Karnataka etc.

If we don’t stop this VIRUS by not arresting all tainted ministers from AP and other parts Country , corrupt  IAS, IPS and other criminal brokers and power brokers India will destabilize.  Terrorism is not from other countries. It is from within India like Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh Karnataka,Goa etc. corruption scandals North East state destabilization etc. Local terrorist out fits are getting accumulated to control power and destabilize India with these negative stability out comes. All these corrupt people are using various areas / means to generate money and to control power. Corruption is terrorism to destabilize Indian economy and it is for power control for anti-social elements, Criminals – Political, white color, mafia etc.

Yours truly,

An ordinary Indian and human being.

Son of late kanumuri krishnam raju & late sarogini , kkr & ks trust , thetagunta ,

NH – 5 , E.G.DIST, AP,India.


“Truth always wins let us not kill justice we ar Indians & human beings”

“   barhat mata ki jia ““satyameva jayate “

“Quit corruption quit corrupt political leaders, officials and corrupt people”

“Let us create new India with new revolution on corrupt free India.

“We need new freedom after Independence through QUIT CORRUPTION MOVEMENT TO SAVE INDIA AND PRESENT YOUTH “


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