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Case Final Evidences : 2014

Kanumuri Subrahmanyeswarara Raju Dated: 16.08.2014
S/O Late.Krishnamraju garu Place : Theta gunta
D.NO.6-237, Thetagunrta Village, Opposite Visakha Dairy
NH-5, Tuni Mandal
East Godavari Disrict.

Andhra Pradesh state police
Sub : Murder of my parents ( 156/08) Attempt of murder , harassment which caused heart problems and late parents – heart patients and my family members , cheating , black mailing , criminal conspiracy to cause loss, destruction of property – lands and creating loss personally , acting illegally as lawyer , misusing Gun in public by threating ,phone tapping , Illegal detention and kidnapping of me by forgery of documents and partnering with my parents killers to safe guard them. Other case 106 /2011 tuni rural police , All major police stations and commissariats in Hyderabad where these criminal are hiding , Eluru dig , Kakinada SP etc. RC No 6245/complts: 2/2013 dated 20/11/2013 Director General of police. Hyderabad.

video evidence : http://www.youtube.com/changemyindia.

I place this Humble Complaint Representation for your consideration and further necessary action as under:-
Our family had an extent of Ac.9-00cents of landed property abutting National High-Way No.5 in the above referred adress of mine. We all the family members have settled the said extents amongst us. Where-by I and my sister, by name, Gokkumukkala vani padmavathy, have got independently got to our respective shares an extent of Ac.1.53cents and Ac.1.32cents of landed property in the “B” and “A” schedule of properties covered under registered settlement deed dt.1089/2010, which document is enclosed hereto for your information. I am looking after the property of my sister, Gottumukkala vani padmavathy and my children, whose property is situated towards the northern direction of my property.
While pursuing our fight to safe guard our lands and life’s the criminals land mafia also penetrated with criminal conspiracy into family affairs and started harassing and planning to eliminate through D.V.K.S.Raju , kalidindi samba siva raju , Cheukuri srinivasa raju , kanumuri Prasad raju etc and other 10 land mafia gang people who illegally partnered with my parent killers ( chowda raju staya Krishnam raju and other 10 members) and illegally erected fence to occupy our lands in the name of farming and started damaging our farm by cheating , black mailing , trespassing , illegally documents , defaming, harassment and other criminal activities.
I have informed so many times about criminal plans by parent killers and others, Even after meeting you personally and giving FIR you never acted based on Local police who are acting based on instructions form chowder raju and other gang by taking huge bribes and other pressures from UNKNOW LAND MAFIA AND POLTICAL Agents .
The fresh trespassing and harassment was started by my parent killers ( chowda raju staya krishnam raju and gang members from July 21st 2103 onwards when we started new complaints with more evidences to pursue their prosecution. Again on July 29th July they started robbing our products and illegally trespassed into our premises and threatened us that the same fate will follow as my parents by seetayya , babji and uma who are close associates – gang members of Chowda raju satya krishnam raju , bhuddra raju surynaryana raju , chowda raju srinivasa raju , pulla palli gang , subramanya varama etc.
Again on 16th , 17th September kanumuri Prasad raju who is also close to my parent killers – chowda raju sataya krishnam raju , ch.srinivasa raju , harinath raju and other gang members illegally tress passed into my land with police who have no right to interfere in civil matters along with the Gang member settyaa, babji who illegally occupied land in the name of farming cheated my wife and my children and destroyed land. Due to this the farm was destroyed by cheating and illegal occupation, Tress passing and black mailing us.
Again On October 8th 2013 ,Jan March , April , July August 2014 Chowada raju satya krishna raju gang members – settayya , babji , harinath raju etc and others illegally tress passed from their land – Survey – 214 to loot and destroy coco , banana . Chowd raju krishnam raju – Gang again and again they are harassing us such that we can leave Andhra Pradesh. In the process harinath raju , setayya and others threatened us that they will also destroy all trees. Two days back they destroyed old tree which is nothing but killing trees and smuggling trees.
Attempt of murder, Kidnapping and illegal Detention by forged papers on October 11 th by kaldindi samba siva raju and other people –
As We collected all evidences and as we are pursuing this latest tress passing on DVKS Raju , K.samba siva raju Ch. Srinvas raju , Kanumuri Krishnam raju ,chowda satya krishnam raju and others they planned one more criminal conspiracy. October
Kaldindi Samba Siva Raju on 11th evening trespassed into my premises with two people and attacked me with sticks and with gun and kidnapped me in samba siva raju car and later they took me in bus by to Hyderabad stating that there is old illegal or false IT case on me after reaching Hyderabad they took me to court even after my lawyer got leave petition and bail papers the police presented a forged papers to court for detention in jail when I raised this issue they insisted some money and took me and driver forcibly to jail even after court bench officer and my lawyer insisted my return to collect bail papers . when I tried to stop to car near court they called some people – K.Samaba siva raju , DVKS raju and some officials and took me to jail. Near jail also they didn’t allowed my driver to go and get papers. They took our phones. They entered into jail without in civil dress Even I explained this to jail authorities. When I am explaining this constable warned me.They purposefully planned this eliminate me as I am suffering heart problems and health problems. From Police station they got only paper. In court I have seen with another paper with pre – signed paper of CI or some police official stating for my detention. There is time to get bail even after having time they took us to food and told three Clock is last time to take. My Lawyer tried so many times to reach constables and even I tried in my car but they threatened me. They phoned samba siva raju , DVKS raju , Kanurmuri Prasad raju , Ch. Srinivasa raju etc and other Unknown people who may be my parent killers . They told that your police department officials gave instructions. These police people are part of my parent’s murder and also planned to eliminate me.
From last 17 years we faced harassment by K.Samaba siva Raju , DVKS Raju and others. After my parents death he only appointed lawyer to file division papers. Even I opposed as my parents murder case is important he , DVKS raju, Prasad raju , Kurnool rama Rama raju and his son ch.Srinivasa Raju ( power brokers and criminals) forced me to sign papers by blackmailing other members of family .
He used suneel Varma, other members and others to file illegal IT act cases after my parent’s murder. He is involved in betting and divorced. Ch Srinivasa Raju looted Rs 70 lakhs from him as settlement person who is close relative of him. Suneel was involved in kidnapping my children.
By illegal phone tapping and other criminal means he used to hares me , threatening my parents who are heart patients by false cases and to other harassing activates for money and other monitory gains for this survival as false lawyer. politician etc,
My father warned him so many times not to involve in our family issues. To grab our lands or make money other means and defame our family is part of their plan they kidnapped my both children for money and started asking for money. During this time there is attempt of murder on me by samba siva raju wherein I filed case in Petbasheerabad. Due to this i suffered hearing loss and my health was suffered. But it was suppressed with his false and cheating tactics as pseudo / false identity lawyer and as false local leader and close to Ch Srininivasa raju , his brother , brother in law etc ( Film nagar Club secretary , Land mafia activities , illegal buses biz with kanna babu , power broker etc ), Kanumuri Prasad raju (Mytas , Rama Raju nagar involved in stayam scam) and other local people in petbasheerabad. From last 17 years he cheated so many people by harassing, illegal cases , extortion etc He is mentally imbalanced, physco – harassing through court cases , black mailing people with cases he won’t sleep , misusing his gun as leader and other means effected our family a lot in the process I lost my parents and children and health. We are kindly requesting you to confiscate his gun and illegal law activities and put him behind bars such that no other families will effect for ever. He even harassed his daughter’s mother in law and family members by filling criminal case that they cheated his family and falsely suppressing about his son – in law health and extorted money from them. I came to know that he lost his case from that day on wards he targeting families like us for destruction, dividing families and money. Through harassment and exposing families, companies in the name of arbitration cases AND CRIMINAL LAWYER to courts and destroying them. WE ARE ALSO ONE OF THE VICTIMS.
As part of my investigation the killers also took this advantage to kill my parents and also falsely propaganda that my wife and i was responsible for my parent’s murder after their criminal act in October 2008 ( 156/08 – tunir rural police station). Even after knowing this DVKS Raju , Samaba Siva Raju ,Ch Srinivasa raju , his brother , Brother in law linked to Chowda Raju satya Krishnam Raju and other gang members to occupy lands in the name of farming such that they can eliminate me. These people are involved in Land deals and other land mafia activities and other land properties got close links with Chowda raju satya krishnam raju. Even after warning Chowda raju krishnam raju and other gang members and police about Criminal plans of Chowda Raju satya krishanam raju and gang they continued their illegal activates stating that police , Revenue and Other institutions are in their hands. They also threatened us and warned us through seetyya and other gang that we will also eliminated as my parents.
After my parents murder case samaba siva raju , DVKS raju , Ch srinivasa raju , Kanumuri Prasad raju etc appointed their lawyer to divide my family and grab our lands and to cover up their sins. When I repeatedly questioned him about their acts and other criminal plans K.Samba siva raju, suneel Varma , Dvks raju and others filed illegal IT act cases by illegal phone tapping and other criminal acts as pre – plan to cover up their illegal criminal activates and to stop pursuing my other activities and efforts to punish my parent killers. In the process I lost my Ph.D enrolment and other Consulting opportunities which caused loss of more than Rs 1 crore as they become threat to my children and lands. I already lost my parents by chowda raju satya krishnam Raju , nagi Reddy and others criminal acts who are leaders of land mafia In AP and all over India. With their clout and mafia power they are acting backend.
The same gang – chowda raju sataya krishna Raju , pulla palli ramababu or cherukuri ramaraju gang who are killers of my parents and cheated my father for more than Rs 50 lacs when he was alive who got links with Ch. Srinivasa Raju , Venkatapati raju , lakshmipathi raju , pandu raju , DVKS RAJU , K.samba siva Raju etc illegally fenced using their gang members and police who are suppressing original case , our land by using my children and wife division conspiracy. The local police writer and other local land mafia people played major role to happen this as they are partners all over Andhra Pradesh.
When I opposed to signed papers and questioned legality of Lease papers they used other plans which created lot of loss to my children and my wife . they threatened our family members other means used Division plan to grab our lands and destroy lands.
I humbly submit that, I lost my health , My life , my children , my parents – which are more than money which can’t be valued. These acts also effected my two children life where they were also targeted by chowda raju satya krishnam raju and gang. They are aware that by joining hands with DVKS , Samba Siva Raju , ch. Srinivasa Raju , K.Prasad raju they can do anything and also suppress case with big land mafia network.
We filed case in tuni rural police station 24/10/11 on illegal fencing and other illegal criminal activities by chowda raju krishnam raju and gang who are involved in land mafia , Murder of families.
After our parents murder even after showing evidences on Chowda raju krishnam raju , Nagi Reddy and Jowhar reddy who are holding highest positions in Police department and revenue department who are supporters of YSRCP AND CONGRESS PARTY.
These gangs Illegally occupied lands, killed people etc. CBI case , Media inputs . central government Inputs , victims and latest New state of Andhra Pradesh government MLA announcement on killings and Chief minister of AP announcement and Gangi Reddy case.
We are shocked to know these people thought of coming back to power. After power they planned to eliminate us and grab our lands and kill our family members. As part of this plan they trapped my family members and occupied our lands and destroyed lands.
Chowda raju krishnam raju , Harinath raju of Annavaram ( 961822444) , and other gang members are part of Land mafia , oil mafia , illegal forest produce smuggling and corruption. They are back end operators of so many political people , officials etc. Owner ship documents next to our land shows who are real partners. Chowda raju Krishna , Srinivasa raju , rama Krishna raju etc cheated my father and killed my both old parents as he want to become local king maker and other illegal activities. So many people lost their lands , money etc.
Recent elections he supported YCRCP and others . Last minute he changed his profile to BJP etc. This gang is also involved in Ganga , Jobs scandal etc. In recent Food for work they did fraud using Agriculture department connections.
In order to illegal activates they used criminals, 420 people and other caste people to file illegal caste cases. Night times they used to send criminals to destroy our properties. To divert and trap our family case they informed everybody My wife was involved in murder and others.
They tried every criminal plan and loop holes in judiciary, police departments to make me leave our lands and leave this country from the day my parents died. They trapped my parents in similar way telling we will help you by deploying Bhudda raju subaramanya varma and others in our land as care takers etc. these people also worked in Kanumuri Prasad raju , stayam land , hatcheries run by these gang members.

As I am moving with my case they penetrated into family affairs which was destroyed and divided the way AP was divided for money , lands and power and cheating people. This collateral damage coasted us my parents , my children life , my health , my property damage , trees were destroyed. It is worth crores .
We warned harinath raju , babji , Kanumuri Prasad raju , Chowda raju krishana raju , DVKS Raju and other gang members but they criminally penetrated into my lands and my children lands and destroyed them and even tried to kill me and my children.
Like us so many families lost their lively hood etc. Recently they looted farm produce , trees , mangos etc. The crop and tress damage is more than 100 Lacs a part from other losses. This effected my children life and they even tried to kill them . They trapped and cheated my wife. We even informed her and her father not to part with my parent killers.
Even after this criminal activities and illegal activities where continued due to trapped laid by criminals and 420’s .
Still the criminals are propaganda that padamja and other family members where part of my parents murder.

The police department and officials, constables violated law by bribes and other illegal activities . I am not blaming entire department but criminals and corruption in your low level operations and people. We are helping and advising Government in Central and Andhra Pradesh on future of India , security and other areas. Home ministry is aware of this case they promised us to necessary action on all criminals. Making Anti nationalists , Internal terrorists is biggest volition of law and order.

Issue NBW and arrest Chwoda raju krishnam raju , harinath Raju, srinivass raju , rama krishnam raju , Buddha raju subara manya varma , Nag , seetyya , babji etc and other criminals who destroyed our family and nation. The other main king pins will be addressed by Central government and state Governments.

Due to these virulent, harassment, cheating, black mailing , trespassing attempt of murder acts I sustained loss which can’t be valued. and on this account also, the above persons deserve to be punished according to Law.
Thanking you.
K.Subramanyeswara Raju
s/o of late Kanumuri Krishnam Raju – sarojini

Other detailed inputs, evidences of Case and Land Details for your information :

Our family had an extent of Ac.9-00cents of landed property abutting National High-Way No.5 in the above referred address of mine. We all the family members have settled the said extents amongst us. Where-by I and my sister, by name, Gokkumukkala vani padmavathy, have got independently got to our respective shares an extent of Ac.1.53cents and Ac.1.32cents of landed property in the “B” and “A” schedule of properties covered under registered settlement deed dt.1089/2010, which document is enclosed hereto for your information. I am looking after the property of my sister, Gottumukkala vani padmavathy, whose property is situated towards the northern direction of my property.
My wife has got to her shre the “C” schedule property, while my minor sons together have got to their share the “D” schedule property. Pursunat to which deed of settlement, I have got raised fencing surrounding my landed property, which comprises of three tiled house and one Up-stair building and the said structures .are surrounded by coconut thope, choke , teak plantations and mango thope.
I have been residing in Hyderabad and am frequenting between Hyderabad and the place of my above ,mentioned properties, Thetagunta Village. In fact I am residing in the above mentioned properties that fell to my share presently on account of threats that are being hurled by miscreants of the vicinity having been aided and abetted by the aided persons cum relatives of my wife, Kanumuri

padmaja, the “C” schedule property owner. It is not out of place to mention here and bring it to your information that, during the lifetime of my parents they were murdered in the above mentioned address of mine in 2008 year ( FIR 156 /08 – tuni rural police station – where in the main culprits – chowda raju satya krishnam raju , buddraju subramanyam Varma, surynaryana raju , Srinivas raju , nagi reddy ( DIG ,) and land mafia gang members are scouting free ) on the face of above mentioned property of ours and the importance / value attached thereto by the very miscreants, about whom , I am placing this complaint with you.
I have been continuing one, Chamanthi Venkannababu S/O Satyanarayana of Thetagunta Village as our care-taker of premises in my absence, since he is a native of Thetagunta Village. I humbly submit that, I am compelled to stay in my above mentioned properties on account of the fearful environment that is brought-about by the people, whose particulars, I am furnishing hereunder for your information. These persons are the local guardians of the property of my wife, Kanumuri padmaja, whom she has engaged for purposes of looking after her property and for collecting the fruits of property of her and that off my sons. The said persons are time and again threatening our care-taker, me and my family members , well wishers , Chamanthi Venkannababu S/O Satyanarayana from leaving my premises in my absence once for all and leave Andhra Pradesh.
Recently when I had been to Kakinada on dt. 16-09-2013, the following persons have landed themselves in our premises with their vehicles viz., tractors and bykes. They were leaving our premises threatening our care-taker, Chamanthi Venkannababu S/O Satyanarayana and by that time, I have reached into our premises in my car. Since, I could not move freely into my premises due to blockade and other criminals who are members of parents killers ( chowda Raju raju , pulla palli rambabu, Dvks raju , samba siva raju m Prasad raju , harinath raju , ch. Srininvas raju , lakshmipati raju – 2nd pahse plan to grab our lands as we are persuing case ) , I had to stop my car to a side of my premises and entered my premises in a hurry and such a traffic / people movement in my premises is unprecedented to me and such traffic was never there in my premises. When I entered the premises and through the said persons, I have heard off Gattam Seethayya S/O Babjee,; Tetagunta Village[Cell No.94417 55508]; speaking in a louder voice threatening my care-taker while asking him to remove himself from the premises or else face the consequence of removal of the surrounding fencing around our premises. The 1 to 6 persons noted hereunder along with some others have parked / trespassed themselves in my premises while instigating one another. It is when I interfered and shouted at them while asking them, as to what made them to enter our premises and make threats and remove the fencing surrounding our property, the said Seethayya has shot-back saying on lines that, that is their place and would fetch them for their recreation”, while his followers attending wildly went in Chorus saying while playing amongst them on lines that, “Idi inka manadera, chotu roju pandaga chesukodaniki clubki pubki kudiresindi” . On my drawing off their attention, Gattam Seethayya S/O Babjee hastily shouted at me saying that, he do no know any thing and that, he wants me and my care-taker to shift from the premises paving-way for them to occupy and residing in our premises as, it has been the direction given to them by 1. Kanumuri Venkata Lakshmipathy ; 2.Cherukuri Venkatapathyraju 3.Cherukuri Srinivasaraju; 4.Datla Venkata Satyanarayabnaraju 5.Kalidindi Sambasivaraju 6.K.V.Sunilvarma and my parent killers chwoda raju stay krishana raju and gang. they are also stating that they their masters along with my parent killers and that they are looking after the property covered under the “C” and “D” schedule of Kanumuri Padma and her children on behalf of the above named five persons and others .
Seethayya further went on saying that, unless I heed to them and followed me by my care-taker, our fate would be akin to that of our fence, which they are said to have removed to ground in order to make contiguous enjoyment of total property and that we have to face the wrath of my parents, whom they proclaimed to have removed from our premises five years ago. Again the same gang with Hrinath raju , babji and others who are supporters of my parent killers – chowda raju satya krishnam raju – site survey – 214 where in erected one small hut and looted our farm produce by threatening my people and criminally trespassing through their place.
I was astonished and shocked to hear their virulent utterances and was taken a back to seek for your aid and protection of mine and that of my care-taker and our premises and their plan to kill me and my children such that they can grab our lands. From the day our parents murder Chowda raju satya krishnam raju and gang harassing us , signed Illegal documents to occupy our lands in the name of farming through – setayya , his father , Babji , harinath raju , Pulla palli rambabu , ch.srinivasa raju , Ch. Venkapathi raju , kanumuri Prasad raju etc. Due to their actions we lost more than Rs 1 crore in the form of damages, farm destruction, I suffered my health – with heart stroke. They are also pushing locals purposefully into our premises for disturbing law and order by various means.
Previously, I have brought to police department knowledge and information with my personal representations and complaints seeking for protection to me and our property from the threats of proclamation of miscreants and unruly persons, whose reference I have furnished to your department and you when you are in ACB in my earlier complaints.
I am herewith furnishing the names of the persons against whom action has got to be initiated and brought them before courts of Law from ever threatening or trying to kill me , my care-taker , my family at any time hereafter and provide us an environment to live in peace and safe guard our place from these land mafia people.
1.Choudaraju Krishnamraju S/O Thirupahyraju, Tetagunta village [Cell No.99491 38555; 9440 238555; 9703 154594] and 2.Cherukuri Ramaraju @ Poolapalli Rambabu S/O Satyanrayanaraju, Tetagunta village [Cell No.9441 90955]; 3.Budharaju Suryanarayanaraju S/O Sundararamaraju, Tetagunta village and 4.Gattam Seethayya S/O Babjee,; Tetagunta Village[Cell No.94417 55508]; 5.Godu Uma S/O Venkataswamy, Tetagunta Village ; 6.Choudaraju Bapiraju s/O Venkataraju, Tetagunta Village; 7.Kanumuri Venkata Lakshmipathy Raju S/O Ramakrishnamraju, Direcrtor Deccan Chemicals, Near Tuni Town [Cell NO.99896 23456] 8.Cherukuri Venkatapathyraju S/O Ramaraju @ Kurnool Ramaraju of Srinivasa Constructions, Banjara Hills, Behind L.V.PRASAD EYE HOSPITAL, Hyderabad [Cell No.9951554455]; 9.Cherukuri Srinivasaraju S/O Ramaraju @ Kurnool Ramaraju, c/o Srinivasa Constructions, Banjara Hills, Behind L.V.PRASAD EYE HOSPITAL Hyderabad [Phone NO.040-23556887]; 10.Datla Venkata Satyanarayabnaraju S/O Ramaraju, NCC URBAN, Hi-Tech City, Near Gachi Bowli, Hyderabad [98661 86559]; 11.Kalidindi Sambasivaraju S/O K.N.Raju, Plot No.118, NCL Enclave, PET BASHEERABAGH, Kutbullapur mandal, R.R.District, Secunderabad; 12.K.V.Sunilvarma S/O Trimurthyraju, Plot No.301, Sunanda Homes,Journalists colony, Jublee Hills, Hyderabad; 13.Datla Venkatapathyraju S/O Raju @ Panduraju, Society buildings, Bheemavaram [08816-223368]. Hari nath raju annavarm : 96182244 9 annavaram , kanumuri prasad raju 98851 88888.( hyderabad ) part of land mafia and the people who killed Buddaraju subramanyavarama , suryanaryana raju , nagi reddy , jowhar reddy gang , paid killers came from next to our land and other farms of krishnam raju in tuni who is supported by land mafia of jagan gangs.

All these persons have been harassing and threatening me and my care-taker to leave from my above address premises and execute documents in the names of their choice. All these persons are hand in glove with one another and are aiming me and my persons reminding me off the state of unnatural cum murder death of my parents and my address premises. They even targeted me In Hyderabad as their target to meet their unholy demands. These people are operating from Hyderabad, Tuni, Thetagunta , annavaram areas.

The Tractor bearing No,.AP05 AK 7685 and Trolly NO. AP05 9507 are alone could be noted by me at that time in view of huge number of other vehicles detailed by me above. The recently used bikes , cars , tractors , vehicles to loot. We have evidences for all these criminal activities by these people through pulla palli rambabu and other gang members form pula palli they are staying in Vizag and Hyderabad ( smuggling , land mafia , murders , cheating ) . Two days back they destroyed oldest trees and even tried to rob car from my premises.
While pursuing our fight to safe guard our lands and life’s the criminals land mafia also penetrated with criminal conspiracy into family affairs and started harassing through D.V.K.S.Raju , kalidindi samba siva raju , Cheukuri srinivasa raju , kanumuri Prasad raju etc and other 10 land mafia gang people who illegally partnered with my parent killers and illegally erected fence to occupy our lands in the name of farming and started damaging our farm by cheating , black mailing , trespassing , illegally documents , defaming, harassment.
I humbly / truly submit that, it is high time for me to once again remind you about the unscrupulous threats of above named persons. Unless you act upon my complaint and act into the incident, we cannot remain free in our premises which are a vast extent of property containing open spaces on the High-Way. We want to arrest them immediately as every minute is precious . How you can predict Criminals and mafia act. Without your inaction lots of damage already happened.
I humbly submit that, due these illegal activates and harassment’s I lost my health , land got destroyed , my resources and money to save my children and land. I even sustained loss due to plucking of the fencing around our landed property and the coconut, choke and banana trees are spoilt by them at that time. Apart from these, he drip irrigation pipes main ones installed by us to cater the feeding of trees is damaged by the above referred crowd. Due to these virulent acts I sustained loss and on this coconut, money, health , children life , law and order  also, the above persons deserve to be punished according to Law for next 20 years such that no other family in  world can suffer like us forever.
[Kanumuru Subrahmanyeswarara Raju]

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