Make People self Sustainable and Innovators

Values and Vision

One India , One world ,One echo One people One liberty  One ECO system 

Vision and values

The main aim of  the trust to serve people and make them to become self-sufficient by working hard and  collaborating with all members in trust such that all members can live happily and also serve other people who are in need. We promote this model through our value ECO/ Echo system with unique model “Grow your own food, energy and knowledge health development  “ model and values.

Every member who is part of our eco / echo  system can create their own SHG, Societies, Co-operative’s etc.

Every member should follow these 12 commandments ………

  • We respect and honor every human being.

  • We won’t discriminate people but treat everybody as human beings.

  • People are our strength and everybody is our partner.

  • Our motto is to kill corruption and create new happy world.

  • We are not serving for our growth but to help all members and future generations.

  • Every farmer or every producer must take his/her fruits and his / her working sacrifices for better survival.

  • Our aim is to help you to grow your knowledge and skills for better survival.

  • Your experience and knowledge is our strength and growth

  • Our long aim is to help you to survive with your own resources and surrounding resources.

  • Your self-help and collaboration growth is our growth.

  • We show light in every body‘s lives if they associate with us as life members, volunteer, partners.

  • Without life there is no greenness without greenness there is no life.

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