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Liberty consists of being free from any superior power on Earth but bow their heads before god, guru, mother , father ,
MOTHER LAND echo system values ethics , JUSTICE , TRUTH

my land my mother my nation my people my rights my voice my freedom
my land my mother my nation my people my rights my voice my freedom


The main aim of the trust to serve people and make them to become self-sufficient by working hard and collaborating with all members in trust such that all members can live happily and serve other people who are in need. We promote this model through our value echo system with unique model “Grow your own food, energy  knowledge health and Development   “model and values. Every member who is part of our echo / ECO system can create their own SHG, Societies, Co-operative’s , and other lively hood models etc. The future world and Earth Survive based on ” INTER NETWORKS OF SUSTAINABLE ECO NET WORKS ”     We call this  ” INTERECONET OF HUMAN KNOWLEDGE ”

Services : The main aim and the goals of the Trust shall be :

we serve your values for ever to change society

1. To Promote/help farmers, consumers, individuals who produce and sales various products and commodities and for their self-sufficiency, uplift, health, literacy for better survival and growth.
2. To Promote/help farmers, consumers, youth, children, and people at large to create develop self their own food, energy, self-knowledge etc such that they can become self-sufficient on capacity building bases.
3. To Promote/help/create all people who want to become self-sufficient by creating societies, NGO’S, self-help groups, clubs.
4. To create awareness if the ill-effects of social evils, farmers exploitations, consumer exploitations, and to initiate programs, projects and movements to fight against price fluctuation.
5. To create awareness among the poorer section of community, poor farmers especially in rural areas about their legal rights, obligations, farming rights, land rights, consumer rights, and self-employment rights.
6. To promote self-confidence and leadership among youth, farmers, consumers and all sections and weaker section of the society at large.
7. To provide facilities to the farmers, individuals and the needy poor for acquiring knowledge in the field of education viz, farming, renewable energy, eco projects, green projects vocation training in handicrafts, cottage industries, arts, commerce, science including IETS, RURAL BPO,TECHINICAL ASSITANCE, R&D and also in other fields of self-employment courses and schemes.
8. To spread literacy among farmers and enlighten them on the proper use of pesticides, organic manures and in selection of seeds and saplings for better yields.
9. To bring out, encourage and develop the inventive and research faculties of the pupils and teachers and to afford opportunity for research work in art, science and industrial undertakings, agriculture, storage, logistics.
10. To provide to the orphans and the other needy poor, boarding and lodging facilities freely or on moderate charges.
11. To spread literacy among the people and to enlighten them in eradication social evils etc, and to promote social values.
12. To set up old age homes for the old and elderly persons to offer them a dignified life.
13. To set up farmer R&D Centers, farmers storage centers, logistical support Centers Bal Mandirs, Schools (orphanages) and residential institutions, colleges, imparting professional, technical, vocational, academic courses, both for Boys and Girls to run and manage the same or to help and aid in establishing educational institutions and run such institutions and to set up old age homes.
14. To grant funds for farmers, NGO’S, self-help groups and scholarships to deserving students for pursuing studies both in India and abroad.
15. To set up, help, run and manage farming centers, storage centers, hostels both for boys and girls and aid them to establish these centers.
16. To provide facilities for fertilizers and chemicals aid for farmers, medial aid to the orphans, old people and the needy poor by connecting various organizations who are in these fields.
17. To accept voluntary donations, grants, presentations in cash or kind from the philanthropists, individuals and institutions for carrying out all of the objects of the trust.
18. To construct and maintain institutions, R&D centers, farmers and consumer co-operative societies to encourage creativity in the art and impart education in various aspects of the creative visual arts such as painting, graphic, sculpture applied arts.

19. To give financial aids by grants to deserving students, farmers, consumers, individuals studying in the above institutions and to conduct workshops for all ages to promote all activities.
20. The application of the trust estate, assets and funds shall be done without distinction of Nationality , Religion, Caste, Class of Sex.
21. To develop a healthy as well as critical attitude towards the development of mental, physical and moral uplift of the farmers, consumers, individual’s students and those connected with the institution so as to make them good citizens.
22. To train and equip the pupils and individuals so as to be self-supporting in an honorable and decent way of life so as to develop into good, healthy and progressive citizens.
23. To establish, help, assist, run and manage libraries for farmers, individuals, and children and for old age people to promote literature and literary values.
24. To promote communal harmony and National Integration to attain Universal brother-hood with special emphasis on development education and action
25. To give loans on such terms as the Trustees may deem fit to deserve farmers, poor people, students and to waive the same if found necessary.
26. To do any act, deed and/or thing in the educational shares, individual’s shares, consumer shares, farmer shares as the trustees may deem fit.
27. To do or perform any other lawful act of thing that be considered incidental and conducive to the promotion of all or any of the objects of the trust.
28. To create strong public opinion for environmental protection and harmony between nature and human beings and all individuals.
29. To provide individuals, farmers old age homes, Day care centers for the welfare of aged group, provide nutrition food to the children (Crèche Centers) provide technical training to youth (i.e. Computer, Type, Radio, Car Driving, Electronics, Electrician mechanism, Electrical home appliances) provide low cost housing sanitation, drinking water, irrigation bore well, water sheds, green projects, new technologies which will give more yield to farmers.
30. Provide protection for women (atrocities on women) take up eradication of alcohol and drug abuse, rehabilitate the street children, prostitute children, establish hospitals and nursing homes to serve the needy people in rural remote areas, start schools, colleges, technical and non-technical educational institutes for Minorities of all sections, weaker sections and disabled etc.
31. Implement social forestry programs, agree programs establishment and development of special schools for handicapped children and disable persons strengthen and promote voluntary effort in rural development through building up of local leadership amongst the all sections, farmers, consumer and weaker sections.
32. To assist, organize and undertake rehabilitation, reconstruction programs aimed at economic development of the areas affected by natural calamities like floods, cyclones, droughts, earth quakes, tsunamis etc.
33. To construct buildings, agri storage ware houses, cold storage plant, capacity building IT centers and networks, self financial banking networks roads, housing sanitation, drinking water, irrigation bore wells, water sheds and check dams , energy saving and energy generation projects ,health centers , and other contract works and to maintain dairy farms, poultry farms etc, and to take on lease government sites building constructed with Central
and State Governments building grants or ownership of the properties purchased with Government grants.
34. To increase income level of farmers, individuals, of low income groups by organizing women into groups and to enhance their talents in home production work and commercialization of the products for their benefit.
35. Open separate SB Accounts of programme wise and discount/purchase demand/cheques in the banks, encourage and co-operate with self-help groups, Raithu clubs (farmers), consumer Co-operative centers, Co-operate education centers (Niranthara Vidya Kendram) ant Thrift Sangams, conduct and develop vermicompost and sericulture and any other form of agriculture, give training to labour on agriculture, give vocational training to rural youth, rural women to become self-sufficient.
36. To acquire by purchase, farming lands, mechanical tools, technology tools, energy tools, food storage technologies gift, donations, subscription or award so as to accumulate and provide a fund or endowment and to invest the same and the income arising there from or to resort to corpus thereof, any of the objects of this trust.
37. To borrow and raise fund with or without security in any manner and to draw make, accept discount, bills of lading cheques, drafts and all other negotiable or transferable instruments and to buy, sell or hold Government of India promissory notes, and any other approved securities.
38. To employ engage and procure he assistance of the discharges, suspend, dismiss any personnel or staff either for remuneration or gratuities and to pay their salaries, wages, expenses and to pay; their salaries and wages for any services rendered to the trust per the appointment order or otherwise.
39. To take up micro enterprise, micro credit and other activities for the welfare of women and self groups.
40. to borrow money from outside agencies like Government of India, all state Governments, world Bank, PE funds, HEDGE funds, international Trust and foundation, individual Donors, International Agencies, Nationalized Banks, government, Private funding agencies/Corporation from their financial institutions like NABARD, Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, National Minorities Development Financial corporation etc,) income generation for onward lending self help groups.
41. That the income of funds of the trust shall be utilized for the furtherance of the trust, and no part of its shall be distributed among the member of the society by way of profit or dividend or otherwise.
42. To Conduct AIDS Awareness Programmes and rehabilitate people affected by AIDS

43  We create start up hubs start up centers Skill development centers make villages to become Self sustainable INTERECONET VILLAGES  through our frame work and make each villager village self sustainable  economic hub locally and also reach globally.

44 We   make Indian internet in 1997 we shared this vision and dream for world.  This is true Digital VILLAGE INDIA.

45 .  We Make societes to be part of our partner ship to create Global Villages to be stamped as MADE AND INNOVATED IN MY VILLAGE.

Whom we serve

The Trust is established for the benefit of citizens of India , world  and  all  classes  of people mentioned above without discrimination of caste, religion, creed, race or sex. Middle class of world and knowledge people who are poor will be our team members workers owners service providers teachers students mentors innovators and lastly honest human races which will change all Indian villages , Andhra pradesh villages and world villages to make every body happy and developed people.  The word BC ,Minorities must be removed to make 400 million people of India MAHABHARAT as proud citizens of  Our Mother HINDUSTAN rather than slaves of  present  system. Every Human who is living in HINDUSTAN MUST BE PROUD OF HIS NATION AND MOTHER LAND WITH OPEN LIBERTY.

for more information and join our movement contact us


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