vijyanagar empire

The future of India / hindustan or maha bharat  is  “ United states of  Industan ” or UNITED MAHA BHARAT AND INDUSTAN covering all Indus civilizations from Afghanistan , Tibet, Hindustan , Pakistan , Bangladesh Burma , Nepal , Manasorvar Bhutan  etc this is the future civilization of world which can save mother earth with Vedas cultures Eco holy waters glaciers.

Industan Indus_Valley_Civilization,_Early_Phase_(3300-2600_BCE) Indus_Valley_Civilization,_Late_Phase_(1900-1300_BCE) Indus_Valley_Civilization,_Mature_Phase_(2600-1900_BCE)


1st  Article was written by me in OCTOBER 2014  in blog.

All small states will be reunited with one Kashmir , One telugu nadu  and all small states will become big old mother states as they where born to give good governance,vibrant economies which will safe guard India as peace full nation and developed nation.

Poverty , one justice , one growth open job opportunities based on skills and work hardness and financial back ground ,  financial support based on poverty not based on caste religion region linguistic bases.

All Hindustanis are treated as one race as   “ Industanies ” .

With one new constitution which will have one common law , justice , freedom of human rights , people voice with  Open democratic , green , liberal , central political systems i.e only four party system can participate in  parliament system and States will have three party system Democratic , green and youth parties which will create new political model for global nations.

The Division of Kashmir and Occupation of enemies is global division rule created by the powers who occupied  Hindustan and destroyed indus civilization is for economic / puppet nations control in the form wars and looting individual resources ( dimonds ,minerals , oil gas , food etc).

The recent division of Andhra pradesh is opening of one more occupation as Kashmir to destroy India in the form of corruption , looting of minerals, eye on hindu gods wealth ( dimonds / gold ) lands , resources and make governments as puppets for looting and making india as one most poverty county that is why  almost 40 percent of woman / men population are not able to earn more than 1,4 dollars per day and also made population to grow like monkeys and pigs to reach 1.2 billion mark to make people live in poverty.

The hungry of human beings and no security of life make people to become attracted to division movements by corrupt people and cowards of nation who want money and power only. these people are dangerous then  terrorists / cannibals who want to destroy other Races who are againest them the murders , killings and bombings are tools used by these terrorists such that “ fear factor ” of people can make to run away from opposition.

Bagvata gita  policy is  when evil is place, to establish Dharma  the evil must be destroyed ,

As part of  cleaning  every human being /race  civilizations  must be ready to loose every thing to make future good societies and good races to live,

The actions of evil people which divided Andhra pradesh , and Kashmir is nothing but burning of mother Hindustan and all people suffering  in this region. ( afganistan pakistan bangladesh burma tibet Hindustan )

The floods Kashmir , Cyclone of HUD HUD made millions of people to suffer with criminal acts of people , global enemies who created internal terrorism and corruption

if corruption ( It is also meaning of British and other invaders looting resources and destroying Indus civilization ) , division politics where not there. : development , prosperity and joint people can over come any disasters.

The  future people , youth of  Hindustan,  400 million young Hindustanis are  true leaders or kings or gurus who will change India as Global County and Civilized county and all youth of  Idus region covering above countries. These regions will become one of the most advanced civilization to serve mother earth. Indus ci