The real truth of Andhra Pradesh , INDIA  police personal 420 back ground and collaboration with mafias  and corrupted society criminal politicians factionalism contractors  :

Every body knows the criminal acts and anti national acts of former congress rule under factionalism criminal mafia rule of  YSR and Mafia empire run by ysrcp party and other political parties for power.

My old parents where assassinated by criminals in East godavari and the village they stayed for retirement life. The criminal land mafia in Hyderabad east goadavari West godaavari kadapa nellore Vishakapatnam etc are responsible for these acts.

the criminals involved are

  1. Jowhar reddy  IAS officer working in AP government
  2. Nagi reddy IPS criminal IPS working in telengana
  3. Above people benamies who migrated from Pulla palli in west godavari to East godavari , Theta gunta , Tuni AP , India. they are form cherukiri gangs and sorrounding villages TAMMAYA PETA , ANAPARTI Kakinada , Tengedu , yellamanchalli etc
  4. Blood marks where found on Budda raju sbramanya varma and his wife also acted strangely after death of my parents, blood drops where found in all rooms and also top floor and near tap where in known people can know. the 7 seven criminals they showed after one year from pita puram by Criminal CI Madhusudan rao and Other one Si Reddy constables Criminal subba raju and other 420 Police personal. The writer in Tuni rural police station changed FIR. They bought criminals after one year and re finguer printed . When me and other good people cross checked with them and told they will be hanged by law on small boy cried that they are not criminals etc. In all cases in east godavari they used Stundent below 18 to use Loop holes in Law and LATEST IS NIRBAYA CASE. One more case murder case in Pittapuram my friend mother in law and father in law where attacked next to PEDDA PRURAM police station. Father in law died and mother in law survived.  CRIMINAL NAGI REDDY Threatened her and other relatives and tried to fix them she and other relatives killed for money etc.  They Are BRAHMANS.  In my case also they abused our family and other people who is close to my parents honest person venkanna babu , me and my wife and other relatives killed them. we treat venkkana babu as our family member and also my my brother. HE IS  KAPPU and every body In Theta gunta East  godavari knows about his credibility. Today me and my children are living because of HIM and his family and sons. they treat me as their family people and i also i treet him as my brother and their sons as my  sons. One true case his elder son was bitten by  Deadly snake in our farm where he take cares. He dint informed immediately but after one hour he informed me. I immediately requested my Kannada doctor brother ( his brothers father in law is victim of Criminal Nagi reddy gang ysr ysrcp gang ) they requested Tuni govt doctors to help he. with good medication he survived.  Like this so many thousands of people  my family helped given life with good jobs and even helped them to create new good business from last  80 years. What we got from this Country killing of my parents and my destruction and looting our honest money and ancient properties and cheating.
  5. They mentally tortured us and used all types of criminal acts till today.  THE PRESENT OPEN CASE  YSRCP MLAS BEHAVIOR IN ASSEMBLY and ABUSE OF ROJA ON CM ETC. We are also victims like this from last 8 years.  Still land mafia is active they destroyed our lands through Pulla palli gangs , Satyam partner YAMAJALA PRASAD RAJU, DVKS RAJU SAMABA SIVA RAJU, Harinath raju  etc these people are close to CONGRESS CRIMINALS and LAKASHMIPATHI RAJU Deccan chemicals Director near Tuni and other criminal HARI BABU etc.
  6.  The criminal murders are suppliers of Woman and giving parties to police officials Collectors . Politicians etc in the name of BJP KRISHNAM RAJU  ALIAS CHOWDA RAJU SATYA KRISHNAM RAJU his gang Suryanaryana raju criminal , Srinivaasa raju , hari babu harinath raju from Annavaram and  Rama krishnam raju  co brother in law of Srinivasa raju theta gunta his brother in law of Hari babu criminal partner of Jagan gang. . Srinivasa raRama krishna raju sringriksham West godavari brother in law is class mate of Jowhar reddy criminal IAS officer.
  7. these people closely worked with pulla palli gang cherkuri famalies Srinivasa raju lakshmipati raju his relatives yamajala prasad raju benami of satyam rama linga raju close to congress reddys and others.   Most of cherukuri budda raju gangs from Thetagunta tengedu tammaya plalem and anaparti reddys kakinda reddys closely collaborated in massive land deals where  in sri Lakshmi  the accused  IPS officer in  CBI case lands where  bought by these people and one more IAS officer who is involved in selling ” HUMAN HAIR FROM Tirumala business bought huge lands from these gangs . Every body knows how lord Balaji was looted by YSR family and other partners.
  8. suryanaryana raju buddra raju subrmanya varma are from pulla palli tengedu and other gangs from anaparti kadapa also associated with satyam land mafia activities and Criminal jowhar reddy nagi land mafia. these people entered into parents farm as workers along with other Reddy gopal reddy from nellore who associated with  jalayagnam Contractors company which changed contour of canal works to safe guard their lands and loot money form Government. we lost land and trees,
  9. with  NATIONAL HIGH WAY AUTHORITIES ( corrupt officials ) and  Contractor who is involved in managing High way form Rajhmundray to Vizag are part of over all criminal process and also destroyed and robbed our lands houses with  false surveys and to safe guard these  criminal lands.
  10. these people closely worked with Satyam , YSR Congress land mafia activities and criminal  420 Contractors  all over AP as brokers and other illegal activities.
  11.  They showed killings as robbery. Budda raju subramnaya varama was positioned by suryanarayana raju bjp krishna Srinivaas raju form theta gunta and other land mafia of Satyam lands and one reddy from anaparti who is running poultry business.
  12. My mothers bed sheet with blood was destroyed. Money and Plastic wire was recovered from Subra manya varama servent quarters.
  13. My father phone records and phone numbers of surynaaryana raju BJP criminal krishna raju srinivasa ramakrishna raju etc where traced to these people.
  14. pastor from pitta puram was killed by these gang this murder was part of JOWJHAR REDDY IAS secretary level in AP government and also co brother in law of  Y NAGI REDDY ( YERRAM ) is close to Jagan mohan reddy Dwarapudi venkat reddy Kanna babu KMC constructions criminal brothers who are MP , MLA s from congress under yrcp  form kakainada , yllamanchali , nellore udaya giri and also sarra raju from Bhimvaram . these people created a net work in East godavari and west godavari vizag Hyderabad nellore Kadapa for all types of criminal acts.
  15. My parents service records where missing. He is fighting with KMC bastards along with corrupt  fromer  R  & B CE murra hari reddy and nalla malli venkat reddy brother in law of Raja reddy who is brother of Criminal MP Raja mohan reddy for their false report to stop his Chief  engineer post etc.
  16. The person Budda raju suryanaryana raju Srinivasa raju and other gangs closely worked with satyam  NCC , KMC and other Nellore contractor company where good people from Thetaguanta lost their lands  etc.
  17. The land next to our land is jowhar reddy Criminal IAS and other land mafias from Theta guntta  near  annavaram and West godavari.  He kept on his Drivers name and also on some Muslims names.   BKJ  Kirshna  even involved in illegal Appointments in Police departments agriculture departments pollution board where muddada ravi chandra rtd IAS was part of board.
  18. Even after tracing suryanarayana raju Nagi reddy and other gangs about my parents murder entire police criminal politicians shielded them like any thing.
  19. The same gang with former satayam benamis , pulla palli gangs led by srinivasa raju ( flim nagar secretary ) kanumuri prasad raju closly worked and collaborated with Harinath raju criminal from Annavaram and Chowda raju satya krishanam Raju gang with other smuggler Pulla palli ramnbabu.
  20. along with other local cowards who are village workers and benamies settaayya, babji , mair babu etc illegally occupied our lands and used all type of criminal acts to kill me my children and destroyed our lands and cheated us in crores.
  21. Even after telling Prasad Raju kanumuri alias ymajala prasad raju cherukuri srinivasa raju , Ram babu etc from pulla palli collaborated with criminals to destroy our lands.
  22. All calls lead to
    1. nagi reddy Criminal IPS who destroyed evidence
    2. jowhar reddsy Criminal IAS
    3. chowda raju sataya krishnam raju Bjp krishana
    4. cherukuri syryanarayana raju
    5. Pulla palli gangs
    6. Reddy;s  former congress mlas dwara pudi chandra sheker reddy kanna babu vjag , chandra shekear reddy udia giri rajamohan reddy nellore , Tammayya palem Panchaty head and broker for jowhar reddy Nagi reddy chowda raju satya krishnam raju
    7. these criminal people are getting shielded by police corruption and corrupt JUDICIARY In India and mafia.
    8. All land mobile numbers where traced to them and they changed their old  mobile seeries but old last three four digits. for example Crimnal chowda raju satya krishnam raju changed is mobile  initial series service provider with last old numbers and like wise Suryanaryana raju he collaborated with budda raju gang in Tengedu and other person who bought land from parents and other relatives when he is in narsipatnam he was cheated By SANYASI RAJU FATHER TETAGUNTA . The land owners where criminals and they collborated with my parents murder. all these people used to stay in our farm as tenants and my parents used to help them as they are old.
    9. My father used to trust every body with out knowing there back ground.  All people who involved in my parents murder are once worked under him are used his help when he was in Gov and also same village people and relatives as my father used to donate every thing from my grand parents property and other honest earned money. these people are cowards and greedy people
    12.  IF you have money and celbraty status why different law and if you from other religions why different laws if you are from other dominated castes why different law  if you are from other states why different law if you are from other distritcts and police stations why different law if you are from other states of India and other countries  for  terrorist attacks murders cheating rapes etc why different laws and why i have to file case only in local police why cant the case cant be taken as universal criminal act ?
    13. A MURDER IS MURDER A RAPE IS RAPE A ROBBERY IS ROBBERY A CHEATING IS CHEATING why disparity and why local police and society take responsibility of criminals actions. every body who is living around criminal villages places houses areas etc will know about their history and also their criminal activites.
    14. Even panchan nama was changed and local  VRO MRO; who supported theee gangs land mafia activites collborated. even Lawers and Judicary collborated with former Congress Home minster CM ( criminal YSR who died ) and other crimianl CMS who came into power.
    15. From village level to Secrtirat levels to High courts and Suprimee courts every thing is  FAILED STATE OF AFFAIRS , CORRUPTION CHEATING.  MONEY MONEY Etc

    16. These people killed so many people cheated so many people jalayagnam land mafia drugs counter fit notes . smuggling  atrocities land destruction cheating mis use of gov with mafias and illegal money , jalayaganam fraud , NATIONAL HIGH was scams  for illegally occupying of  lands change routes of High ways through false survey;s to safe guard their lands or for real estate purposes. JALAGANDAM FOR 5 Crore Telugu people.
    17. creating false cases occupations and reach court to grab lands under civil court matter
    18. getting bail after killing people and cheating through paid killers and corrupt police and lawyers. Judges ask for live evidences will people open their mouth they think them slefs money and corruption. scared of courts reaching them .
    19. other criminal gangs 420′ invloved are DVK RAJU , samaba siva raju rameswarm pandu gangs for other means.
    20. criminals 420′ cheats hari nath raju prasad raju pulla palli rambabu Bjp krishna , Theta gunta srinivasa raju etc are linked to nagi reddy jowhar reddy and other criminal / former and present terrorist cheating MLA  in all parties.
    21. The same gang illegally occupied lands and tried to kill us and cheated us.
    22. All GOOD HONEST POLICE AND People know about these criminals and anti nationalists from Theta gunta village pull palli village chinamarem villages ,  Kakinada anaparti entire world people knows about them.
    23. CBI CASE AND OTHER CRIMINAL CASES ON JAGAN GANG , SATYAM AND other Criminal contractors is open secret.
    24. Poilice CI madusudan rao and other 420 criminals in revenue department police ( subba raju constable )  and other political bastards will be prosecuted.
    25. even after having all live evidences police department and minsters are sitting like cowards for various needs.
    26. All twin murders happened are similar use out side bellow 18 people , pregnant woman etc create false cases or false propaganda on family members of victims and other criminal acts from their loacal support  etc.
    27. these criminals change their parties every time government changes all over India.
    28. they use their corrupt money to buy police and poltiicians.
    29.  Bjp Krishna and otther reddy’s are involved in sex racket they host parties supply woman act as brokers to safe garurd money looted by jowhar reddy nagi reddy jagan , rama linga raju other land mafia people.
    30. IAS . IFS IPS and criminal MLAS criminals are not obove law
    31.  jowhar reddy threatend Babu rao who is constable whose brother in law is pastor killed them.
    32. most of rajus other castes involved in my parents murder and other murders are linked to christianity or conversion and also used crimianl muslims paid killers all over India to loot India AP.
    33. the reddy gangs and counterfeit notes drugs cricket betting people in west godavari east godavari kadapa prakasam nellore etc are involved in anti national activites. ISI counter fit notes
    34. red sandal wood drugs illegal mining etc
    35. looting Hindu gods and killing honest hindus is criminal acts and anti national by these elements.
    36. suryanaryana raju buddra raju subramanya varam and other criminals who stayed in my parents farm as tenents and workers are criminals involved in my parents murder and other benami acts
    37. Land High ways cannals mafias and oil and gas mafia operated by dwara pudi chandra shekar reddy former criminal mla loot gas oil ( RIL ) and International Minuts ( brother Anial ) gangs are involved in so many anti people activities.
    38. Democracy was killed and Constitution was killed by Home Ministry and other Nation saving agencies like coast garurd . NIA , RAW CBI. these people failure is because if local police are criminals and Politicians are criminals .
    39. these people waged ware on India by looting Indian resources and Peoples money. (  700 US $ billion)
    40. some of these money was getting used for terrorist funding and recent ISI Islamic Acttivites and Terrorists activites all over India increased.
    41. This is internal terrorism funding dawood ibrahim etc. ( IPL , Red sandal wood oil mafia sand mafia land mafia counter fit notes funding movies ) etc
    42. In action of Police and revenue departments IAS ( collectors meaning itslef collect or loot people ) Indian Assasination services .
    43.  IPS : Indian Prostitute service kill evidence character assassination collect every paisa etc prostitute will have value they convert because for money survival but these people loot at every stage.
    44. IFS : Indian Fraud services : every where fraud they make forests to vanish and produce of tribal go to Mining mafia.
    45. lastly ALL INDIA SERVICES IT self was created by British raj
    46. Lastly Judiciary get money change IPC sections and sell TURTH AT ANY COST.
    47.  They need live recordings of murders corruption rapes etc to give judgments.  these rules where way back british raj.
    48. Only India Hindustan people old people ordinary people 400 million can be killed cheated by various means that is caste religion region language lastly MONEY CORRUPTION EVEN GOD CAN BE MANUMITTED
    49.  This justice our family we got in this BLOODY CRIMINAL AP Society . We came from freedom fighters family , honest family me my  old parents ( heart patients) helped so many thousands of people relatives friends ( these people also betrayed us back stabbed us )  I am one of founding member of Internet society . lots of innovations by me and my papers which changed world of Internet. with out internet people are not living. These people looted our money in crores.
    50. BUT WE GOT 400 million youth back up.

         the villages they are hiding

  1. Theta gunta , East godavri AP
  2. Chinamaram  west godavari
  3. Pulla palli , palakollu west godavari
  4. Anaparti east godavari
  5. Kakinada East godavari
  6. Kadapa kadapa district
  7. nellore nellore district
  8. Tengedu , Vijag district
  9. Bhimvaram west godavari
  10. Hyderabad , Telngana
  11. Banglore Karntaka
  12. Udyagiri nellore
  13. vishaka patnam.
  14. guddugudem west godavari
  15. DUBIA ( they used VOIP calls to traces other families such that they wont help them or keep in touch . brother ANIL is involved in  illegal minutes he his grand father speent time in Panduva west godavari and most of these gangs net work is in east godavari anaparti mafia place and maximum Christians below poverty . west godavari old links , kadapa prakasam krishnaa guntur hyderabad etc people kill even or 10,000 and maixmum white caller cheats )
  16. Bangalore and Madras Bombay became alternative hubs for these gangs to make money and loot money.
  17. To safe gaurd their loots they divided Andhra pradesh and made PAKISTAN AND CHINA and other global countries dream to destabilize India) : Divide country states and loot resources and same thing divide families and loot cheat people.
  18. kashmir kalistan kainada / Kalvakuntala kanyakumari dream of ISI China and other resources looting mafia dream  become true.
  19. 400 million people effected and 700 billion looted.
  20. poverty poor farmers deaths corruption unemployment and 400 million people don’t have proper food shelter is Indians innovation and skill set and start ups and MAKE IN INDIA  1st manufacturing units established 100 years back.