How God or Super Guru or  New Life  Can be explored and Reached


Creation is exploring and survival and sustainability this is the life – This can be achieved by global Human Knowledge Grids of human brains connected to map brain and sense the human actions and like minded human connectivity worldwide for sustainability of echo system and also creating new innovation to invent new ways of life survival and new life across galaxies.

The Earth itself is new exploration where we got un known answers for alternative medicine to live for 100 years, new resources and models for Energy , new models to make Agriculture and greenery everywhere in food will affordable , create new models where water is available everywhere etc. The answer to this is reduce , reuse , recyle and rotten  any type of Echo system. That means humans or mankind living standards and approach of living should be changed. This approach will give more resources to invent and explore NEW LIFE OR GOD

The thinking of brain and action of brain for preservation of echo system around him with new life ,- Past , Present , future and reaching or staying in new life colonies is GOD’s HOME or Galaxy or GODs Habitat it is nothing but  SUPER HUMAN FORCE OR ENERGY which can survive tell other More SUPER INTELLIGENT SUPER LIFE WILL COME INTO EXISTENCE WHICH WILL BECOME LEADER OR HEAD FOR OTHERS . THE CYCLE CONTINUES.

This can explored or innovation can be reached at 3 Dimension levels , or 4 dimension levels or finally 7 Dimension level this is the  final paradise or life colony or galaxy or GODLAXY.

Plenty and void grow from each other;hard and easy foster each other; long and short shadow each other; elegance and mundanity prosper together; fittest and non-fittest cheat each other ,  music and voice complement each other;
back and front stay together; but they think they will last forever.

This is true innovation through nature
This is true innovation through nature

3 dimensional

 There is research paper or invention on Three Classes of Newtonian Three-Body Planar Periodic Orbits,

Three body planner system
Three body planner system
16 - objects
16 - objects

 My  3d – 4d – 7d  thoughts -

Coming to Three body Planar periodic Orbits, In early 2000  i used to study to create model to explore 3d Data or thinking or three body communication . In present communication most of the time it is Synchronous or Asynchronous communications and Connectivity are like different topology’s Like Start , Ring , etc. At the same time based on 3d or 4d we can create these topology’s or Three planner Topology’s to make Knowledge to reach or connect like mind knowledge for survival , growth and Innovation or invention to preserve life or create life survival frame work in better form . This is nothing but making life to move from one form to form or one  or linking with like minded others in the present orbit and as well as distant orbits which are in same 3d or 4d planner systems or intelligent Knowledge systems. Based on this model different galaxies or earths or life's are getting survived or getting connected or communicated each other.

If these paths reach 7th Dimensional Orbit or  Galaxy the  Godlaxy system can be reached or communicated. This is nothing but a  new power full OM KARA ( According to Hindu or Indu veda’s) or Big Bang theory by westerns Model or theory to kick start new dimensional life. For example the present Human brain thinking is past and present survival there is no tomorrow or next week life prediction. This is one way it is 2D thinking if this reaches 3d or 7d thinking or action then GODLAXY Life system can be reached this is nothing but GODS place or what ever word system we can reach.

I strongly oppose Darwin theory the fittest is survival.I feel there is one more state called Silence  state which activates over all cycles or makes to live ( no full energy or no full destruction or death it these states dominate on each other the 3rd state will move Cooley and start moving till these two sates back in cool or sustainable state.

In early stages scientists and civilizations where in impression the world is flat the world is not round or circle or 2d . One way the world is 3d . It is connection and collections of DOTS all over Galaxy. My theory and law world is three 3d i.e  dot silence or starting point , round and three semi circles moving at the speed time or constant etc in three different directions there will be common point  for them to merge , elastic or don't collide by passing through same path or move in 3d orbits.  The impact of  collision at 3d point is  managed or controlled by other 3d force such that that this 3d force or energy wont be effected by this impact. The biggest dot where it starts is example of Black hole and silence with so many number of other living planets. The semi answer to

this is echo system -  human life ,plant life , Animal life..

For example in computers we use 0 and 1 ' that is wrong i feel there is also on more state which by passes the same to re start. In this case we are telling that it is on of off , life and death etc. 

I think there is one more force or non force which by passes  2d to create 3rd or even 4 dimension. For example mind reacts early if there is early destruction or some people who are very close or very closely bonded will receive early signals through mind or brain waves or simulation or thoughts or dreams.  It is nothing is 3d state or 4th stage. For example galaxy was created through big bang according western theory but according to Hindu / indu theory  it is OM OR AUM.

OM - the Creaton

The mantra "OM" is the name of God, the vibration of the Supreme. When taken letter by letter, A-U-M represents the divine energy (Shakti) united in its three elementary aspects: Brahama Shakti (creation), Vishnu Shakti (preservation) and Shiva Shakti (liberation, and/or destruction).

There is 3 dimensional space and with forth space "  DOT or Silence" . this picture is from form one of the oldest veda's  around 1 BC . If we also see Brahma he got 3 heads and brains and the focal point to all human beings is early born child linking to Third stage: delivery of the placenta and Umbilical cord and which is center point for human beings or lotus birth.

With is back ground i am thinking if we do simulation on OM  and Swastik we will get more results. both these symbols where seen Indus civilization symbols or language which is one of greatest ,oldest civilization and most modern civilization. I you observe three  objects simulation models " Infinity "  and zero paths are three.

The 3d force is already invented by Indus civilization
and indu culture i. e  OM symbol and swastika  . this was observed in indus scripts which most
modern civilization of the world.  The Life is depend upon 3 dimensions or three and seven
dimension which i already shared in my paper " the value of seven "

Umbilical cord – this life link to baby connected to mother life system or It is nothing but LOTUS BIRTH In Indu system Brhama is connected to Lotus  3d or 2d or 4d.

3d -3

Holding Life or delaying of Death

Bishama - holding Life

Vinustavarajastotra. This tiny illustration, 1.5 inches square, to the "Vinustavaraja," a hymn to Vishnu found in the great Indian epic the Mahabharata, shows the archer Arjuna, his great-uncle and foster father Bhishma, and his comrade Krishna, who is manifested as the god Vishnu of whom he was an incarnation. Arjuna was obliged by the warrior code to kill his foster father in battle. Mortally wounded, Bhishma delayed his death for several months by supernatural powers, while lying pierced by arrows. Refreshed by a stream of water that Arjuna drew from the earth with an arrow, he spent the interim teaching Arjuna the duties of kingship and religion. Finally, after reciting this hymn, he merged into Vishnu. Nineteenth-century paper manuscript, from North India, possibly Kangra. (Southern Asian Collection, Asian Division)

A well known shloka from Brihadaranyaka Upanishad is:

ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय । तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ।।
मृत्योर्मामृतं गमय । ॐ शान्ति शान्ति शान्ति ।।
– बृहदारण्यक उपनिषद् 1.3.28.


om asato mā sadgamaya | tamaso mā jyotirgamaya ||
mṛtyor mā amṛtaṁ gamaya | om śānti śānti śānti ||

– bṛhadāraṇyaka upaniṣada 1.3.28


Lead Us From the Unreal To the Real |
Lead Us From Darkness To Light ||
Lead Us From Death To Immortality |
Om Let There Be Peace Peace Peace.||
– Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 1.3.28.

Karma Yoga is explained as follows - MahaBarata

To action alone hast thou a right and never at all to its fruits;

let not the fruits of action be thy motive;

neither let there be in thee any attachment to inaction. (2.47


The value of  seven

The Planets or Gravity Force of elements or life Cycles

Nepalese Manuscript. This manuscript from Nepal, in Newari and Sanskrit, dating from around 1900, contains a number of miscellaneous prayers and spells with illustrations on a long strip of stiff paper folded into a compact book. In addition to being a basis for the writing and painting, the yellow background may also be an insect repellent containing arsenic. Represented here are deities of the planets, who are propitiated to prevent the bad things their position in a horoscope may threaten.

In the Indian system, there are nine planets, the seven visible ones plus the two "nodes" of the moon. Lunar and solar eclipses occur at the points of the moon's orbit. (Southern Asian Collection, Asian Division)

7 -  7th month , 7 days a week , 7 hours a day , 7 cycles of life - 10 years to 70 years , 7 seas of world , steps of life , 7 people who takes care of  your life , 7 people means  - 4 people to carry our coffins , one person to for  Ritual , one person to think about you or serve you and one person to carry on your legacy to next levels to next 7 cycles of life. if we take this we must think about 7 dimensions or 7 body planner orbits to reach eternity.

 Important things of  the -  word / number / phonetic  " 7 "

1) 7   phases of life - 10yrs , 20 , 30 , 40 , 50 , 60 , 70
2) 7   hills - god - Hinduism  -  Lord Venkateswara Richest god in World. – But now getting looted .
3) 7   ada  unnavvu.  - Where are you (concern about others /family members)  - happiness with asking people  - (Telugu language)
4) 7   adupu    -  cry - when baby comes out womb first it cries by seeing external world life. – ( Telugu language)

5) 7   steps of life -  Adu addugulu  - marriage  -( Telugu language ). In indu or hindu marrage the couple are asked to make 7 circles around fire such that in the name of energy , water , air earth etc you must abide with rules and regulations and by taking oath that we are one and live for ever. But in present system the human beings are not least bothered about our Ancestors and Elders and rules and regulations or enlighten path given to them .In the name of human rights , openness , individuality , identity crises the eternal system is getting broken . That is why the change should come from HOME to create a NEW WOLD OR INNOVATION OR NEW FORMS OF LIFE.

6) 7 - 7 people

Four people - to lift your body when you die or give support during your life span.
1 - person to fulfill your ritual
1 - person to condole
1 - person to give moral support by spirituality or by love or by strength.

7)    7  - 7th month baby in womb knows about life and death.
8)    7  -  7 Saints
9)    7 -   7 Seas
10)  7 -   7 hours per day work or time utilization
11)  7 -   7 days of  week what we got - good , bad , ugly or worst
12)  7 -  weather -  spring , summer ,rainy, autumn, winter , polar day ,polar night.
13)  7  -  The menorah symbolized the ideal of universal enlightenment. The seven branches allude to the branches of human knowledge represented by the six lamps inclined inwards towards, and symbolically guided by, the light of god represented by the central lamp. The menorah also symbolizes the creation in seven days, with the center light representing the Sabbath It is also said to symbolize the burning bush as seen by Moses on Mount Horeb.
14) 7 - 7 branches of knowledge  of all beliefs
15) 7 - Christianity - Seventh-day Sabbath, observed from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset ,
16) 7 - Islam - Islamic–Jewish relations started in the 7th century CE  There are approximately forty-three references to the Israelites in the Quran (excluding individual prophets),and many in the Hadith.

Brain and Machine connectivity

The True Indan Life re - Birth

The Artifical Limbs


Our Internet model – for 3d Internet

The model i have written is above data is information above information is knowledge and above knowledge is
intelligent knowledge process net which will serve , destroy or create new process to make civilizations to re -born or survive etc. The like mind packets or  brains will connect each other and do business or share knowledge for survival. As part of commerce model is 50% or bartering knowledge and 50% sharing of  money. Then no Economic crises or problems in families etc. 

this idea came when I am peak and immersed in Research and during that time internet is starting, When i used to talk about internet and about this model people used to treat me as Mad and IDIOT.

Always echo system is part of life and innovation. Innovation is science  Spirituality , Self-Sustainability and Freedom.

This model frame work will create new innovations all over the world. i was the one first person to think and write about the net will act and think , human knowledge grid , human knowledge collaboration or knowledge commerce and alternative knowledge banking system.

As one of early internet technologist involved in Building Internet in India and Asia I created this model or frame work as - new internet model which can become self-sustainable platform for people connectivity. As Architect of creating Next generation internet model called " Inter intelligent process net "  and h-commerce - human knowledge commerce and We make net to think and act based on human control packet and human packet. I have written this paper 14 years back and where the present cloud model is part of internet.

Those days we used to call them Info bot or Knowledge Bots to capture data or information or knowledge to make use of Right Information. But My Model is based on Intelligent Process Bots or NET’s -  Data is information ,above information it is Knowledge and above knowledge is Intelligent knowledge this is the future  of Internet and which will processed through  future Internet

I once again thanking you for sharing my views on this frame work or Plan, Now we are working to build next generation internet model. I am thinking if we map all human brain neurons we can create Human robots or create Knowledge Grid all over the world by linking human brains as processors, memory and serving people about their problems and issues faced by people locally and daily bases.

I feel Nothing is impossible for every problem there will be a answer and Answer is available in UNIVERSE . The problem or issue or requirements of HUMAN BEINGS IS OPENLY AVAILABLE IN ECHO SYSTEM IN 3D FORM or 4d or 7D form. The human brain connectivity or thoughts or behavior will give answer to this .

I already created a pilot model plan or Idea to build this. If you are interested to associate with this project feel free to contact us or share your ideas wherein we can tweak this model to achieve final goal. just sign into this system or send email to or

Initial plan is to crate 365 leaders all over the world or individual countries and 10 members from each country –195 countries and link all these HUMAN KNOWLEDGE BOTS TO CREATE pilot Plat form .

Like minded human or life knowledge and Like handed connectivity or like feeling of KISS ( Know your - internal - self - sustainability or service) to create new life or innovation or reach GOD OR SUPER SPIRITS GURU.

3d -10

At the end or day or time we are - human beings and echo system.if we destroy echo it will destroy us. This echo system we must save and also create where all life must be protected, connected and work together as one echo system through 3d or 4d .

The most important for human beings is  3 x 3 relationships ( god , guru father Or god wife husband, or wife son father etc ) and 7 x 7 Relation or Human knowledge or brain touch or love and affection of  -  brain , heart , eyes , ears , nose ,voice , hands .

This is importance of 7 and out of these at least with three objects or elements or echo system can make life to survive or recreate or reborn or Re-Design.

Brain Control System
Brain Control System



YIN AND YANG Path is not toughest – BUT OM and SWASTIK Paths are more Toughest to explore - The GOOGLE CHALLENGE.

With registration now open for Google’s Code Jam (, which starts on April 12th, we thought it would be fun to highlight a very difficult and unsolved puzzle from the final round of the 2010 competition. The Paths of Yin and Yang is one of the toughest problems in Code Jam history, and we think a suitable choice to share with our research-oriented audience. A tricky backtracking problem that requires clever detective work, mathematical knowledge, and coding skills to yield a correct solution, we are eager to hear some of your ideas of how to solve it in the comments below!

You are given a rectangular grid of M columns and N rows, where each cell in the grid can be colored black (Yang) or white (Yin).  Two cells are neighbors if they share a common edge segment. A valid grid is one in which all of the Yin cells form a continuous path, as well as all the Yang cells. A path is defined as:

1) From each cell in a path, you can reach any other cell by moving between neighbors

2) There are exactly two “ends” in a path, i.e. the “ends” have exactly one neighbor

3) Every cell, other than the “ends”, in a path must have exactly two neighbors

Your task is to find all the valid Yin and Yang configurations for the grid of given dimensions.  As you might guess, a brute force search of all the possible grid configurations is not the optimal way to attack this problem.  A starting point to a solution is the analysis of the possible configurations of the boundary of the grid, as shown in the image below; it must be exactly one segment each of Yin and Yang cells so that the constraint of path continuity is satisfied. To learn more about this puzzle, as well as the six other problems posed in global Code Jam rounds that were not solved by anyone during the competition,

visit  But be warned, these are uniquely difficult challenges that stand apart from typical problems in the competition - they may be Google Code Jam’s hardest problems of all time! 

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The tough Puzzle