But the present System is sucking Blood from Mother India Breasts at the cost of 1 Bllion people.
But the present System is sucking Blood from Mother India Breasts at the cost of 1 Billion people.

Dear fellow human beings

Addressing this to nation under constitution of India – Freedom of speech, freedom of justice, freedom of expression and all citizens of India or one and all people are one and brothers , Sisters , mothers and fathers of this nation not become Destroyers of nation.

We are human beings

A true leader , Officer , Citizen was  born  for not  destroying basic system by murders and extortion and Smuggling , Creating alternative economy for power – psychotic and  Dictator ship at every part of system and by suppressing Human race and  Indians. But present Indian Democracy created last opposite system. This is India’s is growth and prosperity story after independence.

What I am looking is new Independence with One India , one people , one religion with different paths, one justice , one equality , one true Indian who works hard and grow based on his knowledge  and talent and one reservation that is We are all Humans and  Indians or Indus or Indu civilization AND LAST POWER FULL NATION TO FEED THEIR People and SAVE THEIR people.

PUPPEETS OF POWER –  For power old doctrine was used by British, French , Rome , Htiler etc. They are called as PUPPETS OF POWER. The Same Was happening in India also they create a system to create PUPPETS and use them for control power.  The PUPPETS will do everything for power.  Depending upon requirements The PUPPETS WILL BE created From brokers to criminals, These people are also called TUGLAKS.

For example

Divide rule or 2 power rule – 2 CM;s , Father / Son  – ysr – Jagan  , separate State – united State – KCR – Rest etc ,  Back ward – Forward ,  Minority – Majority religion , Reservation – non reservation  , Rich – Poor , No Money – Yes Money  Divisions – Husband / wife relationship , Brother – sisters wealth relationships , property division – less /more  etc.

It is nothing but – we will see dogs and pigs fighting for Food and power / wealth in their areas – free / thrown things availability or loot things based on power and cheating capabilities.

Why humanology  Movement / Moment – Why it is key for our Indian Nation

Divided Rules , Corruption Rules  , Indian Laws ,  Indian constitution rules , peoples acts ,  written by corrupt POLITICAL parties , Government officials from last 50 years .

Andhra Pradesh  is rouge sate or collapsed state or no government or no governance  ( Even After CBI asking for tainted ministers Arrest  – CM and other Cabinet , Governor, Judiciary , Police , Society etc are Keeping quite – If you are any Ordinary man you will be arrested or Killed ). They are passing buck to center or high command or core committee groups of political parties, .

this shows in  India or any State Government or system  – every corrupt person and criminal poltical leader or corrupt bsuiness who is giving funds  will be prosecuted if parliament passes Government order or bill or High Command of all parties passes or vote to prosecute or not.

This is the system In India. In order to meet this platform or frame work Indian constitution was emended by orders or bills  along with Union public services coterie. They  framed their own rules and regulations to safe guard them.

The rules and regulations in government are aped from early British Raj. we are  following rules framed 100 years back. This is Suppression Frame work.  

This is all over India . We are fighting to safe guard Telugu’s and 8 crore people who are effected by criminals and Desa Drhoi’s or ANTI INDIAN. .In the name of religion , Caste etc this country was divided.






Madam Indira Gandhi told why Indians are not proud as Indians and she created new India when Indus are butchered and Refuges where raped it is history  ( partition independence  and Bangla desh war ) . Now history is repeating in different way by Rapes , Killings , Corruption , Divided rules  terrorist attacks .

The system  / society  killed Mahatama Gandhi,martin Luther king, Patrck lumamaba, che gavaria , Subas chandra bose , Bagath singh, Indira gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi , Lal Bhadur sastry , J.,F Kennedy etc are back in action in different forms and want to repeat the same in different forms .

Are USA Models are China models are real for world Now ???

Democracy creates and also kills wisdom. Democracy is wisdom and Freedom of people and killer is Democracy itself.

Case study  – Divide Rule and Power –  Destruction of Development by Divided rule and power and do extortion through movements . It is violation of constitution If division is required it should serve all peoples interests. The movements are not started by people but the leaders who are hidden agenda that is power.  Before Movement  latest AP is flourishing then it was started Political establishment for power. One movement and other way corruption and other terrorism killed AP. Due to  this entire economy was crippled .  No electricity or energy, no jobs , No water , No growth and only Debt for people of Andhra pradesh.

One more Observation and history facts  –

Coming to Telengana KCR and vijaya Rama Rao ( Former CBI director) are from velama Community. Due to loss of minister post in old TDP government the Movement Was used by KCR for power history tells this back ground. Every leader was created or destroyed by movement is for power and money not people or development.

This is region based movement. The Victims are people, Lack of Development, and division of people no Electricity ( Coal Scandal and Ships of KCR ) and etc.

For example PRP party was created and joined in congress and looser is the people wasted money to become leaders by contesting election or by donating money for a movement this caste divide rule movement case study. Some many people destroyed their life’s by selling their assets.

Ysrc party – They used Religion Christianity , Caste – Reddy , corruption , Killing , Factionalism , Feudalism etc. The used that TDP is Kamma party and that ruled state we must get power and reddy;s must rule etc.

IF you look into all these parties or back ground all models are created or doctored by other Parties Like Congress and others. There is say that PRP was raised In papers By Paper Barons of the state thinking that it will effect Congress in 2nd election and visa versa etc. In Similar manner Telengana movement was used by Congress  and Last minute Ditch by KCR to TDP by collecting Huge amounts etc.

And change of people  words ,Jumping of MLA’s from parties and resigning for fresh elections ,  party manifestos; and alliances at last stage shows how people of this nation are Cheated or made Fools .  This is against constitution and also looting of people and nations wealth. The present Budget to become ( MLA – Members of looting Assembly ( people ) rather than legislative assembly These people think that government is their own house or business  and Members of JOINT FAMILY BUSINESS.  PARLIAMENT means discussion. But the present  MP’s are acting and creating a model of monkeys play  – Monkeys what they do they will grab every thing they want , if  we oppose attack us. And also created a LAW that they are unique they can’t be disqualified or banned  from politics.. DO MORE BAD THINGS AND CORRUPTION THEN THEY WILL GET MORE POINTS AND VOTES. THE AUDIENCE IS PEOPLE AND SOCIETY.

That is was why we Indians must called as slaves of nation or Idiots of nation based on Dog biscuits people will follow. Free power , subsidies , Free reservations further division of castes etc, Everything is free if you vote for US.

The bottom line is collapse of AP and Criminals Reaching every part of System and village.

Old sayings and some share holders and history – Religion Division case  

There is say that Velmas  are responsible for fall of kakatiya dynasty  by supporting invaders. For control of power Nizams created Velamas power in villages they  are called desmukhs Patels / Dora;s  or land Revenue collectors or land Lords having more lands 200 acers to 1,60,000 acers etc.

To suppress human race for lands and collections they created  live with liquor, no development and By Suppression and By free bees. this is created in telangans system by early rulers – slavery , Suppression and No Development.

The founder of MIM is razvi who ran away to Pakistan who tried to hand over Nizam ruled areas to Pakistan . Sardar valahbaia  patel took decision for United India such that with in India we don’t have another pakistans etc. . Then Indian Army landed in Hyderabad , operation POLO.

In 15th century Quli qutib Shah 3rd Ibrahim Qutb Shah Wali – 3rd ruler who killed his father, brother . He took shelter with Vijaya rama Raya – vijay nagar empire the architect of Telugu , Vijaynagar Empire and Lord Venkateswara Temple development etc .was killed by same Ibrahim qutib shah to destroy Vijaya nagar empire etc, with this back ground all people who are supporting separate State movements or hate speechs, terrorist attacks, Local attacks on business establishments must answer this –  are they are  Killers of system , Destruction of  nation and or distincter of  peace among people or nation or hand over of nation to other nations such that they can become PM’s and Kings for Each Province or District.

The nizam ruler married / loved  (???) Bhageerathi  who built bagya nagar and other palaces in Hyderabad . At that time Muslims are 18% and  Hindus are remaining . Then who is Minority community. India is Indu society and people  and all religions are respected . Religion is set or rules for people to follow for growth, peace and prosperity not for division or Control on others or For power.

Now who are  cowards – Hindus or Muslims – Religion or Back ward castes / Forward casts /  –  people division by leaders or telengana movement supporters or One Ap supporters or One India supporters .The real sufferers are Middle caste, religion people or ordinary Indians and people who are looking for growth and prosperity , peace and Love .

1st is human being and then rest comes .

Why this is  Important  for Nation and AP .

India is called as hindustan , Indus tan .This is  Indus civilization  or 1st civilization near indus river and also oldest civilization.

Due to small states indus was invaded by Muslims or barbarians and changed them to Muslims  and then Christians came. In other countries JEWS , sunniest and sheiaists  are fighting , mosques are getting destroyed. A person or human being is god or King is based on his safe gardening fellow human beings and Most advanced civil so-cites which were created near indus 8000 years back.

The divide rule of sate is work of terrorists and desdrohis’ who can be disqualified under constitution and Election rules AP created –  pledge – all Indians are brothers and sisters , jana gana mana was composed in Chitoor . the Indian Flag is from AP ,The country is people not land and government is people not corrupt political leaders .

The people are not back word if they follow constituency of Religion commandments and all are same.

If we follow Indian constituency  all these  present MP , MLAs  ( Brokers and Road side Criminals), IAs ( Indian Assassination service created by British law) ,  IPS ( Indian Prostitution service) , RDO’s ( Road Side Dogs of office to grab lands and other areas ) , IRS ( Indian Radical System), where crated by  British establishment to eat money at every level and control power . Still we are following the same. The present constitution requires new constitution model to serve people  it must be re written by new leaders and Good people of India.

THE BRITISH CREATED BABU;s System and These BaBU’s are Framing rules to exploit Indians and System for power in turn these people link with power babu;s who don’t understand these lower babu;s clearly than they form Teams.

Example – The corruption scandals are moving blame game between Officials BABU;s and Political Babu;s and Then Broker Babu;s who are bridges between them.

We do know that our save India teams will be killed and our  families will collapse just like Gandhi families , Kings and Real freedom fighters  families examples , Alluri Seeta rama Raju family and movement is classic true case and our grand parents  association with this movements – Freedom Movements all over India.

My father fought and safe guarded for Tribal causes and development by supporting alluri seetha rama Raju causes visited my grandparents house on the way to revolution . Only my fathers jeep,used  by SP’s , Government people during peak Maoist movements in Vizag tribal areas in AP  -Paderu, Chinta palli , Lambasingi , Sleuru etc.  All these people are scared to move around.

we have Vivekananda blood in us and Alluri seetarama raju , bagat singh ,Subas Chandra bose , Gandhian principles and values to ARISE and AWAKE people of India and if we are afraid , we feel we are cowards. Like you.

The models frame works will be implemented based on our requirements this is new Independence movement against QUIT CRIMINALS, CORRUPT PEOPLE AND CHEATING LEADERS IN THE NAME OF RELIGION AND CASTE ETC. As we are not cowards we are openly fighting for New India and Safe India.

The Model and Frame works

People who are ready to die for Bharat mata are like our Mothers fathers, Brothers, sisters etc. These people who are saving mother Bharat or Bharat or Barani are also important in our life’s.

The people who safe guarded Country are Gods, Gurus and parents and society.

Parents are Gods and Gurus

Gurus are gods and parents,

Gurus , gods are society and Nation.

The change should come from Human race and family to create One home nation.

Treat your mother land like  mother, father ,Teacher God.

This is humanolgy which I want to share with you. the amalgamation of all religions , Sects , Sacred testaments The sacred testaments Of maha barata and Ramayan, Vedas amalgamation is one form of  Humanology AND ALSO By SERVING PEOPLE AND HELPING AS HUMANS  not based on religion or caste etc.

Likewise others can Also form Humanology frame works based on their needs but THEY MUST also STICK TO SERVING PEOPLE AND HELPING people AS HUMANS NOT BASED ON RELIGION AND CASTE as back in Mind .

When Jesus born three sacred people started their journey to see him. Hindu king , Jews king , Persia king .  All these people pray Fire that is energy and light. The light is change and Hope for human races all over the world.

Buddhism also came from sri Chakra energy . Why Ambedkar dint changed to Christian ,  Muslim , Hinduism ???  He is Buddhist . He asked reservations for 5 years is biggest question to me, AS per constitution all are equal and all religions should be respected. At that time his humanology frame work is different that is why he is chosen or written constitution based on that times.

A person who works for peace and prosperity of every human being is humanaology  and human knowledge commerce and knowledgeable bartering is for survival . This is real Human inter connectivity Net .  Which is nothing but connectivity of good people and knowledge people to save nations and Human kind. Through various means.

When we created Internet and talked about I / we treated as Mad people etc. When we are fighting for this new system  we are treated as mad people  or getting killed or Put behind bars and TORTURED IN PRESENT INDIA AND CROOKS AND TERRORISTS ARE GETTING PROVIDED 5 STAR FACILITIES.

if one Life goes or node goes there are so many nodes are there all over the world where these packets or Save nations packets will reach destination to destroy EVIL and CORRUPTION.

This is  Humanology network , we are same and our Destiny is same . PEACE , PROSPERITY , LOVE and Serving people who are in need of help or for survival. The Change will come . It is people spring or storm or Karma and darma Boomi echo system that is Indus or India. if this survival echo system destroyed by human beings it will destroy evil , Criminals and people in echo system who are supporting these elements.

sambhavami yuge yuge – need of the hour

Sri Krishna says in Gita

‘yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata
abhyutthanam adharmasya tadatmanam srjamyaham
paritranaya sadhunam vinasaya ca duskrtam
dharma-samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge’

Literally speaking, (or what the ‘asitis’ guys call the purport), Sri Krishna, in this verse assures that ‘whenever the ‘dharma’ is subdued, and the ‘adharma’ rises its head, He will ‘spring’ up. He will appear for saving the good men and destroy the evil ones and establish the ‘dharma’ from time to time.

Gandhi’s book in hand  IS Mahabharata. –  What we are doing is Ramayana and Mahabharata, Rig Veda , bible , Koran , Gur Grand sheab, Torah ,ahuru Mazda  etc it is humanolgy. The light for  Free voice  wisdom , Survival , peace , Growth , values , Human, Animal and Plant echo system is Humanology.


Om Prakruthi Manushya Jai Aha


Om Prakruthi Manushya Aha

om (Energy or Creation) prakruthi (echo system) manushya ( people /human beings ) aha ( Ego) – jai ( salute or Hail )

( most of the people don’t understand aha – leave Egoism . which is in power , in people , in money , in knowledge . in survival , in echo etc )

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