Case Study – Andhra  Pradesh . This story is repeated in all states of India in different forms because this is best business to get Power or money

 victims  – AP  –  6000 families all over India more than one Lakh

money looted from AP : More than one lakh Crores or  50 billion dollars.

Team members – more than 2.500 to 50,000

Effected People –   7.5  Crore people. ( illegal mining it self effected more than 2 Crore people )

Growth –  20 years backwardness for 7.5 Crore Law and order  – nil Operations – initially in cities now in all villages.

Best job – Cheating , corruption , land grabbing , killing , extortion , fake things etc.

Best award : commit offense go to jail , enjoy 5 star facilities , bribe people for no arrest or FIT ,  Do business with other prisoners , Terrorists, 420’s  , create new parties from jail and do campaigning from jail through meetings to become Leaders and politicians. .

                         Any business Any where , Any how and Any time.

Announce hate  speech calenders and money looting  – places and departments calenders  and time target In India and time target to become –

             Multi National Corruption company or  Criminal company  STATUS.

THIS WILL BE FATE OF ALL INDIANS IF THEY ELECT CRIMINALS AND CORRUPT POLITICIANS or support officials who are in same category or club.




What happened in AP which effected all over India?

The corruption network and team members are MEMBERS OF CORRUPTION CLUB WHICH WILL HAVE BRANCHES all over India and world .





From Kashmir to Kanya kumari the partners business are same but different Parties, political party’s teams, different languages, different models, different criminals and different schemes with various business models.

North Korea – Starvation is common,

India – As prisoners of Aaam Admi sect /  ordinary Indians sect and honest Indians are usually only fed gruel made of rice meal and pickles i.e of only 25% of money and development funds reach common man and in the form of subsidies they are feeding lower class to get votes such that they will get power. increase taxes and Prices .

 North Korea -We were always hungry

the guards – criminal politicians, corrupt officials and power brokers and corrupt businesses always told us ‘through hunger subsides you will repent as ordinary Indians and we will take care of you, we will pay you money for vote'” this is nothing but eating rats and insects just to stay alive at the cost of criminal politicians in society.

i.e – 20% of funds or taxes collected from people reaching Indians. US$ 700 billion dollars are with corrupt people and In over seas banks , investments.

prisonars camp

Without protein and calcium-in-their-diet-prisoners / we the people of India -develop-hunchbacks-from-bending-over-in-the-fields-orlose-toes-and-fingers-due-to-frostbite. People are facing this all over India in various forms from last 50 Years.


India – The same way the middle Indians will face if we don’t quit criminals and corrupt people –It is 600 million youth and so called educated people must think. One way you / we 600 million are responsible for these things by simply sitting and watching TV’s and Cricket ….. Not bothered about Nation other terrorist victims, RTI, whistle blowers, solders, police officers, ordinary Indians who lost their life’s in serving nation and by other means.

       North Korea – They often terrorize and torture their captives, sometimes just for fun, according to escapees.


In India it is land grabbing, extortion, Giving bribe and taking bribe and corruption or making criminals and brokers as leaders.


North Korea – The tip of one of Shin’s fingers was chopped off as punishment for accidentally breaking a machine while working in a factory.

India – The live actions of previous government head in AP and  and his son  and his supporters – Goondas , MLAs , MP, Fans , Criminals , mafia , Hawala operators ( Reddy Fans and Sena ) in AP and other people in network. ( Satyam chairman Mr Rama Linga Raju manhandeling , kidnapping of his son , and kidnappings and killings all over AP etc.  ) Separate Sate hood movements and destruction and black mailing politics , Raids by police or ST , SC cases etc.

The people who opposed them where killed or trapped or their lands where occupied by goondas and factionalism. The studies and actions of Political parties and leaders all over India is facts. There is no freedom of expression or right to live and equal rights. This is breaking of constitution at all levels every day.  Government officials are also violating by their actions – corruption and not serving people.


The people are also responsible for this. Giving bribe and taking bribe for works is offense. Parking people money on others name is biggest offense the people who are facilitating are equally guilty. Entire family members can be charged as they are indirectly supporting people from house ITSELF. So Change should come from Home.


All of the methods of torture are appalling — but some are more disturbing than others.

And women aren’t afforded any leniency.


Pregnancy is strictly forbidden –


This is  like fate of all Indians who are suffered by corruption , terrorist attacks , woman attacks, Internal Terrorism  –

killing, extortion,  Land grabbing and people who are working for justice , honesty integrity etc.

IS This is the way the victims are treated.   The victims – terrorist and internal terrorist activates pain is like this .

prisoners-are-categorized-as-their-conditions-deteriorate-.jpgPrisoners are categorized as their conditions deteriorate …

In India – The civic society and people are also responsible in dividing nation and also these political leaders created their own divisions for money etc.

Every day the bad political system is categorizing Indians people based on how much  good you are or honest  you are and then kill them in various means for power.

While guards and party officials are treated well for their dedication to the regime.


In India  with posts , Promotions, Lands , Money , Houses , companies , natural resources , God Idols and god money From temples  – all religious places .In some cases these corrupt people live by eating corrupt Money Notes as their food.

But if prisoners can make it past guards and electrified fences.


In India – This is the way Corrupt and criminal society build their houses, factories,Land bank to do their business. Example – The villa and farms in Bangalore and kadapa of  from CM and his Son and other corrupt political leader houses , farm houses , hotels , Trusts etc .

They still need to get across the border to China, and if discovered, they face the possibility of being sent back.


In India criminals will connect cross boundary networks for business. ex-  UAE is the place – from Dawood Ibrahim to  Corrupt people of India from all walks of life.

In India If we approach police , local society and judiciary all members will be their supporters or people who took bribes from them. Immediately their net work will activated for threatening calls or killing or indirect calls will go to ministers or MLAS

And for North Koreans outside the camps, the fear of the gulag ensures their loyalty to the regime ..


The corrupt people statues and supporters who are part of these criminal political leaders supporters. These people will gain more as party cadre or as entertainers for business. case study putting Idols of  Former CM in AP and building temples , mosques on Roads and for land grabbing etc.

And Kim Jong-un’s complete power over his own people.


This is the way the present political system is running in India. If anybody opposed – kill .If anybody supports they act as supporters .

In India –  Political system is controlled by power brokers, local brokers ,  ( they supply any thing from woman ,wine , arms , goons, money  ,fixing deals etc )  in the party .

All tainted ministers , MLA s , Officials , Killers , goons , Terrorists , Killer escorts or pay for killing , beating , grabbing  services or mob destruction or religious hate speech and Pay for News services etc .

 The methods worst than third degree

Create Terror and control power

or harassment

or false cases

or killing or

or create gossips in people

or throwing mud on people by

false allegations or make people business to collapse.