A Visualization of Country Code TLD Name Server Records

Using a copy of the root zone file published by IANA, Mr.Dave Piscitello created a visualization of the number of name server name (NS) records each country code Top Level domain operator publishes in the root.



Putting this visualization into context, this interactive map shows that all the CCTLD operators have a minimum resiliency in “named” name servers of two (2) in the root zone file. It does not provide any insight into diversity (whether name server instances are geographically separated or in the same data center) nor does it illustrate routing path diversity. The “named” servers could be co-situated or geographically separated, unicast or anycast, or in the same routing/AS domain.

The breakdown (249 Latin string CCTLDs only, no GTLDs, no IDN TLDs) :

 GraINTERNET LEARNINGGraphic courtesy of Kim Davies, ICANN # of “named”
TLD name servers
# of
2 11
3 31
4 33
5 41
6 51
7 39
8 20
9 7
10 3
11 2
12 1