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Creating new knowledge base “SAMRTWIKI” based on global individual knowledge’s and practical experiences with proven results based on individual cultures , countries polices , social economical conditions , and sticking to basic concepts or principles of any topic, issue, problem solving, meeting requirements for survival or meeting end results by the using processes approached by other people to solve similar issue or problem or work. This must be created based on ” GLOBAL HUMAN KNOWLEDGE GRID / CLOUD ” which can link human knowledge’s / Human being knowledge banks virtually based on individual human beings requirement BASED ON HIS THOUGHTS at PARTICULAR time at PARTICULAR date to get GOOD end results. I feel first IS INFORMATION, above this is Knowledge above this is Intelligent knowledge or smart knowledge which can help human beings to survive on day to Day bases or on hourly bases for survival or Growth in their life’s which will create happy families, happy societies, happy communities, happy countries .

1 Human knowledge bank

Global Info Bank Net : GLOBAL COMMUNITY INFO BANK NET – ” hCommerce ® ”

In order to meet common man’s requirement for survival and to create ” Global Distributed Knowledge for Everyone ” we must build ” GLOBAL COMMUNITY INFO BANK NET ” to do hcommerce® or Human commerce worldwide. We must introduce this new concept in each country to meet local people’s requirement. If you look into reality most of the developing and developed countries are not able to provide proper Telecommunications Infrastructure, Information exposure, Knowledge education, and communication services to meet ordinary persons requirement for their survival.

I feel this is mainly due to Govt. Polices, lack of awareness of importance of latest Information Technologies in common people, lack of education, financial constraints etc.

We must go far beyond this. We must not work only to promote value added Internet Services, Technologies,to end-users. We must create an environment / community domain to offer Distribution knowledge services, technical man power, software, hardware, networking equipment, consulting services, education services, financing etc. which will take every thing to meet user requirements and help them to use their hidden resources / Information properly for their survival in any form. This will become ” single contact connected human bank ” where the people with in the same community can share / offer their resources to fellow community members to do h-commerce. As part of this Network we must create ” Knowledge / Information Banks ” world wide .

This will provide Use full Information / Implemented information around the world ” to serve common man requirements. This knowledge Bank will service / Promote individual Knowledge / information to other fellow communities / human beings around this world. This will operate similar to present banking system. Here we commerce (hcommerce) individual users knowledge rather than money.

This will give right path to world human communities to share 1.5 trillion dollars earnings / requirements (based On UNDP per capta earnings of entire world population).

Case Example:

For example if a small company or Individual or community want to computerize its operations he may have to invest a lot of money to procure Computers, application Software, database software, UPS, Internet connections etc.

This is very high for each individual to Invest according to any common man standards. At the same time he can use or get exposed to limited software only, customers of this type can’t migrate immediately to latest technologies. In a business complex or commercial Business area, individual residential flats we can see hundreds of similar customers or users.

For this type of people we must built different type of Information Networks. We must install a server with all types of software in each commercial complex, Apartments, community centers etc. Each individual User will be given a Node, Hard Disk space, access rights, security rights, value added services according to customers’ requirements. Service providers must take care of maintaining entire Network, training and exposure to latest Technologies.

We must give opportunity for the same people who are members of these community nets to become real Hard-core professionals to offer their services to fellow community. For example we can use services of Software Development programmers to take up Software development activities worldwide to develop Knowledge software tools to serve communities.

If we connect all these type networks worldwide it will become true “Global Distributed Knowledge network for everyone ”

As in process Financial Institutes must arrange funds / loans to these customers to join this Network. Just like Housing Finance/Car Financing, we must introduce these services. By using this concept the communities will grow on their own and serve / use fellow communities information for their day to day survival.

As part of this must also plan in building ‘INFORMATION / KNOWLEDGE BANKS’ which will work just like present Banking system. As part of these services we must promote users to promote their Knowledge services/activities on Net to get extra earnings. We also implement user resources/Information/customers promotion exchange programmers.

In order to build this type of Global Community Info banks to promote hcommerce® there should be Non – profitable GLOBAL COMMUNITY INFO GATTHERING ORGANISATION (ex.WORLD BANK ) which will collect top rated Information which is getting duplicated / developed world wide in all countries in the form of web contents buy spending Billions of dollars to provide Information to users. These Information must meet all common man’s requirement for their survival. This ” GCIG.ORG ” must set up INFORMATION SERVERS or INFO BANKS IN each country, which will be updated frequently by worldwide information sources to meet communities’ requirements.

As it required lots infrastructure and Monies to build fiber optic networks in third world countries like us to connect remote villages we must deploy Information Satellites to update information banks at regular intervals.

If you look into Internet History it was grown/hyped/promoted on following

First phase  :- Infrastructure Building. Second Phase  :- WEB Hosting / Advertisement, online services etc. Third Phase  :- Community Building – Hot mail, yahoo ,Lycos, etc. Fourth Phase  :- Human Resources / services / QOS – extranet, Data center Etc. Fifth Phase  :- E-commerce, Security etc. Sixth Phase  :- Global free Internet Phone services / Video services etc. Seventh Phase :- Information reaches individuals on the bases of personalized services / Individual requirements / Culture Based Services, Individuals security for survival.

Eighth phase:-

H-commerce® : based on customers/users requirement. Information will reach automatically from any part of the world based on Users decision / behavior / requirement /satisfaction/pricing/quality/ service/warranty etc.

Today world requires eight-phase knowledge network to move head and safe guard Common man survival. Clear example to this we must promote Artisans, farmers, Professionals, Housewives, small scale Industrialists etc. dedicated community / profession networks to explore their hidden knowledge /Skills around the world. I want to Know how many people all over the world able to contact directly handicraft artisans, \farmers, Aurivedic, Homeo, nature cure etc experts.

2 Inter intelligent knowledge process net

Version 1.0 Created on  : June 2002 Version 4.0B Created between : 2003 and 2004. Review : Every time you share your thoughts and your Mind is Thinking. Author and CVO: K.S.Raju, or Patent and IP Registration: Under Process and IP registered.


Inter intelligent knowledge process net   and    intelligent Knowledge Commerce model

This is my vision and idea to create the next generation network to serve people based on their individual customized requirements. I feel Business or Individual success; Survival and Struggle for Existence can be addressed as ” Individual Knowledge business ” for Individual’s and ” Group of Knowledge business “ for corporate. This depends upon How Intelligently People ” Commerce their Knowledge ” with different types of Management strategies, Ideas, thoughts, Plans, Focuses etc.

Many Important things are happening world wide, the businesses are changing their strategies, their approach plans for sustainable and stable growth.. Now people are thinking about “Collaborative Partners ” etc. Now the companies are improving productivity and results by better Utilization of Internal Knowledge resources and Incorporating external Knowledge / Information resources of the companies who are in the same field. The key to success of the companies in next coming years, the better “Domain Knowledge people ” in their operations. This will be the asset of the company. The company which controls Knowledge people will dominate and dictate the terms in the field. An Important statistics most of the companies took averagely 25 years to reach the ” GLOBAL 500 COMPANY ” club. This has almost become a benchmark. Then again the wealth created by these companies goes down and again goes up. This is part of the cycle. The key to success of global companies and Economy is the Individual Human talent / knowledge are respected and opportunities are provided to them to generate maximum productivity and results.

The key to success of any Enterprise is “HUMAN INTELLIGENT KNOWLEDGE ” Technology collaboration network. This will become success only When everyone builds “INTELEGENT KNOWLEDGE TRUST NETWORKS” both internally and externally. The Knowledge gained our period to run the operations by various Knowledge people should be recorded such that, that can be reused even if the Knowledge people leave the organization.

A part from this , through collaboration of the people will also give Better, Best Ideas and approaches to incorporate in the operations.

There is lots of difference ” I” and ” WE” and ” UNIQUE” companies models. Business is ” Teams Knowledge + Information + Communication “. Wherein we Incorporate I.T and Technologies as one of the vehicles to drive the Business. The companies who have control on their customers Knowledge, Suppliers Knowledge, Market trends Knowledge and Competitors Knowledge and Best Ideas to promote their business goals will lead the market.

In HCN’s model concept of h-commerce , We make net to think and act – Creating a next generation Inter networks vehicle to generate and communicate Intelligent Knowledge information based on Individual / Corporate requirements. This will address all issues to provide “ On requirements to businesses and individuals “.

This is the next big thing the world must plan to roll out . It will take around 5 to 10 years for this type of Environment to serve the ” Global Communities ” around us. This is the key to create ” Knowledge Societies “, where in they will also involve in the cycle to make things happen at faster face. Global companies must become “ TECHNO INVENTORERS & INTELEGENT “ Companies. In a way Internet changed world of Business, Individual growth, Economies etc.

Now time has come for global Visionaries, Tech community, Inventors, to create the next Technology revolution to create h- commerce or K- commerce and next generation Net (Intelligent Knowledge Net ). We have seen various revolutions (Industrial, Mechanical, Electronics, I.T etc.) from various parts of the world. The biggest Resource is Human Knowledge capital. With these resource we must create “ Knowledge Grid “ to serve the world.

The Global economic success of developed countries is, it produces largest number of Ph.D’s and Nobel Prize winners . Here the opportunities are created. The Key to success of the company and growth is to Create ” Opportunity to every team member to excel ” and position the company as ” Opportunity company or knowledge company or self-respected ” company. As is in process the partners (sales and Customers) and Investors will look into the company for their Involvement on the basis of trust, Contribution and Collaboration. This can be done by Human contacts through Collaboration Network between the targeted groups in the overall process.

The new Architecture Model:

As part of the model the overall Internet + Tele Architecture is defined as three layer model. Each layer will have well -defined Intelligent roles and well defined Intelligent interfaces to create customized building blocks.

Layer 2 : Intelegent Knowledge web Infrastructure / Architecture : Knowledge banks , Customized applications , Collaboration management systems , customized billing systems etx.

Layer 1 : Intelligent Knowledge Networks or NGN’s Infrastructure / Architecture : Customized tel’s , Customized end to end Integrated networks , Process services , Knowledge based customized Integrated VOICE+ MMS services etc.

Layer 0 : Intelligent Knowledge Net work Architecture : Intelligent protocols , Intelligent transmission control protocols , Multi layer protocol Networks integration , Multi media , Process and Access transport network etc.

Rather defining it is as inter network or tele networks we call this as “inter intelligent knowledge process net “
Layer 2 Business or application model : Intelligent knowledge banks or IK WEB’s.

Today the companies must position themselves as ” Customized solution, Product and service” OR “ Intelligent Knowledge Process Service “ providers. Knowledge creates wealth. Wealth creates the Knowledge. This can be achieved by Trusted bonded network between the people who are involved in the in over all business cycle of any company or institution. This will also involve social -, economical, conditions and Policies dictated by the Governments and societies around, which are nothing but Individual human beings. The collaborative thinking and open individual thinking, Thinking commerce or Knowledge Commerce or h- commerce plays major role.

We are not Owners of our Knowledge, We are trustees of our knowledge which should be trusted by us / others and shared with trust. This makes us to move a head. The Key case study is nothing but the expansion of ” Internet “ network worldwide. Now we have to think about ” Inter Intelligent Knowledge process Net’s “ Internally, Externally, Locally, Globally to create better society. Ideas and Thinking benefit society. Knowledge is beautiful and should be enjoyed with happiness.

We can’t predict ideas. When predicted it should be Collaborated. This will lead to discoverers and discoveries. Where in Technologies drive discoveries. Discoveries drive business. The next Revolution is ” Intelligent Knowledge “ Commerce. The quest for Knowledge should go on till you satisfied to meet your needs.

By combining a group of “Knowledge Minds “ create Better Knowledge, which in turn creates “ Super knowledge “ to move the things. The Future of survival is to create services and solutions where “ Individual Knowledge “ will be transacted just like money transaction in the banks to serve others requirement. In Turn “ Knowledge and Intelligence “ Bartering model will be created such that people will use this one of the services for their survival and growth through this model.
As part of this the “ The Intelligent Internet “ will play a major role where in the best of the “ Proven Information “, which meets users requirement will reach every user automatically. This will depend on the each users priority, requirements. As Part of this Intelligent Infrastructure “ Global Intelligent Knowledge Information bank Portals “ will be created to serve the individual user custom requirements. In today’s individual’s quest for Knowledge, co-operation of Individuals Knowledge is necessary. For example a person who got Knowledge or Information looks for people who are looking for similar Information and Knowledge to provide services, which in turns generate money for his survival.

Layer 1 Business or application model :

As part of this MM services and solutions companies should role out Intelligent Knowledge Infrastructure to provide customized end to end services . These services should be offered on requirement bases . Based on usage of process or services the customer will pay the bill. This is should be offered as commodity. We must provide collaboration management services .Depending upon the requirements the customized services from all business process are integrated with this over all architecture model to serve customer.
Today world wide Resources, Ideas, Models are getting duplicated and we are under utilizing the resources, wasting them by not using them. By using the Next generation Net we must utilize these resources and pay the money for usage of resource. People can Bid this through Intelligent Knowledge exchange where people, Companies who want to offer their knowledge resources can list their knowledge resources.

The Telephone networks should be building as customized telco nets. Where in Knowledge info + EVOIP networks are over lapped as custom Tel’s. In Info world we created Groups and communities and search engines to connect people. Where in “ customtel “ all are build into one common point where in you can be or call will be connected or routed to meet your requirements. Like this we create different various customized / socialized MMS tele phone nets like Businesstel, I.T tel, Jobtel, Doctortel, As part of the socialized netwoks we can create a chain to reach “ n” number of people.

As part of inter intelligent process net we must provide customized Bandwidth, intelligent Knowledge, Computer Process services, storage as commodity where the users pay on the basis of their usage. On demand the services providers and solutions providers should provide the services.

Today Companies are talking about multi billion dollars Business process out sourcing industry and their advantages. Beyond this is , Intelligent Knowledge business process and commerce .The future is to build IK & IKTEL Infrastructure super high ways not Information super high ways.

Layer 0 application model :

Today the world is connected or controlled by Internet protocol and Transmission control protocol. But the future net should be connected or run by “ HUMAN PROTOCOL ” AND “ HUMAN CONTROL PROTOCOL “ where Net thinks and acts according to users requirements. Here the like-minded “ Knowledge packets “ and “ USER requirements packets “ move in the IIKP Net cloud. The best and highly rated knowledge or Intelligent Information which meets users needs and criteria reach the destination to close the transaction and gives results. As EVOIP services Voice and Video is also delivered .

I am feeling we must re-position or think about Information technology (I.T) and Tele communications industry as “ Intelligent communication Technology “ or “ Knowledge communication Technology “ Industry. And all IT and Telecom companies must positioned as Intelligent Knowledge process and service companies.

It is not e-commerce or m-commerce drives the economies it is human knowledge commerce or h-commerce. The companies who controls and disseminates best knowledge’s, result oriented intelligent Business process will rule the world. By K.S. Raju Human commerce net Pvt. Ltd. Date: July 03, 2004 Hyderabad , India Ver: 4.0 B 98480-99748


ICSP Concept :

As most of Indian companies are opting for offshore or software development services in countries like USA , Europe and Asian companies. We want think about establishing ” Internet Customized net work services ” to link Indian communities in abroad with their counter part with in India .A part form communities we will link also link local Business communities with other worlds.

For Example ” Hyderbad Customized ISP POP will link with Berlin Customized ISP POP ” . The members of both these network can access information , contact each other .The members of this networks are provide with their e-mail addresses. When ever User was registered with HYDCISP , he will be given access to BRISP and visa versa. Here the people get various value added services etc. The concept is ” DIFFERENT BANK CREDIT CARD Services ENDORSED BY VISA and MASTER CARD “.

In order to implement this plan we already done marketing plan to target potential customers through following

1 Community Internet services :- potential customers are targeted at local community level. As part of this plan we will involve local community members as resellers / users . As part of their reselling activities they will also given commission and path to earn money for their growth. The model Is like co-operative society movement. There are so many successful case studies in the areas of Banking , Telecom ( Grameen Telecom project in Bangladesh ) , Anand , Amul milk co-operative society , Gujarat ( The milk revolution of India ) etc.

As part of the marketing strategy we collected information about 5 lakh customers and around 80 communities covering a population of 3 Million .

2) The present Internet model ISP’s are targeting to get their customers through’s ( E-bay , yahoo etc , Aol) etc. As new marketing approach the ISP’s should create customer oriented services – ex. Docter.isp Services : As part of this services only doctors community is enrolled as Internet users . All users are provided List services , their promotion services , platform to collaborate their services among them self’s etc. A part from this other Individual communities are also cross linked if they require their services. Like this we will create all types of services covering all independent Business customers, Individuals, professionals etc . This will be the first customized / targeted / focused service in the world. Where there won’t be any customer churn . We can generate more revenues by creating more customized valued services to create real collaboration /Co-operation / contact ISP services . As part of this we can also link other country users also. There will be separate price for this service. These services are activated on extra member ship fees .

Knowledge h-Internet  :

As major Technological Revolution and Invention in modern history the 8th phase Internet should be evolved. The present Internet Infrastructure, Protocols , DNS system is mostly build based on the American system. The new Information and Knowledge communication system must build according to requirements of Individual countries requirements for their socio- economic survival . To meet India requirements we must have our own DNS system based on DNS Switch ( Server model) with intelligent embedded naming system to make the information packets flow between the people .

Seventh phase :- Personalized services / Individual requirements / Culture Based Services, Individuals security for survival.

Eighth phase:- H-commerce® : based on customers/users need. Information will reach automatically from any part of the world based on Users decision / behavior / requirement /satisfaction/pricing/quality/ service/warranty etc.

Every Human being will build his own survival life cycle to meet his Achievements goals , dreams and Paths to become icon in the modern society / History.. One day there should be a system which connects with common life cycles of people all over the world .

“ The Journey for the Knowledge quest should go on…………………………………….. K.S.Raju .”